FFS its Xmas !!

For fucks sake its For Folk’s Sakes Christmas-themed compilation album in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders and its coming to an ear on the side of your head today, 1 December 2013.


For Folk’s Sake is a UK-based website founded in 2008 and run by a team of music enthusiasts from around the country. They write about folk, country and roots music – and anything else they happen to like – and fill their site right up to the top with news, reviews and reccomendations of the best new folk, indie-pop, country and roots artists.  They let me hear the album and I think you should make purchase forthwith – if you must you can try before you buy though…………

So that was the music – go buy it.  Here comes some blurb !!

For Folk’s Sake is very excited to announce the release of our 4th Christmas compilation album.

This year we feature tracks from Stornoway, Dark Dark Dark, Alessi’s Ark and Left With Pictures as well as exciting newcomers like Patch & the Giant and Sophie Jamieson.

There are beautiful new versions of old favourites – Alessi’s Ark brings joy to our worlds, and Laish offer a modern take on Silent Night – as well as new tracks tackling the horrors of Westfield at Christmas by Joe Innes & the Cavalcade, while Worry Dolls explore settling into Christmas back home.

Our friend and FFS writer Natalie Roberts’ works as a doctor with Médecins Sans Frontières. She has just come back from setting up hospitals in war-torn Syria, and is now stationed in the Philippines helping people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

All profits from the sale of For Folk’s Sake It’s Christmas 2013 will go to MSF to support their incredible work.

Physical copies, featuring artwork from Sarah Oxley, are available to pre-order now from forfolkssake.bandcamp.com priced at £9 (+ postage). The album is also available as download.”



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