The Beards dirty but the musics Free !!

Alastair and the team over at Embra/Glesga based DIY online music label, Dirty Beard Monthly have been in touch to shout about some free, thats FUCKING FREE, music which they have for download.  This is available from today so head over to the link below and grab yourself some FREE new music.

It’s a mix of weird pop / improv / folk / alternative rock and is planned to be the first of a series of releases that promote the bands featured and the artists who design the front covers.  

Some great acts are featured on this release including acclaimed folk / improv musician Alan Davidson aka Kitchen Cynics who has been releasing music for over 25 years, psychedelic slackers Mirror Parties who were recently given a glowing review by Everitt True and world music project Woven Tents who have been playing an array of great gigs and festivals this year.  Also on the compilation are solo tracks by several members of alt poppers The Yawns (Records Records Records / Giant Hell): Gavin Will (Squirls), Emma Smith (Side Pony) and Sean Armstrong.  Illustrator Paul Jon Milne of the Guts Power comic / zine has designed the front cover.


01: Woven Tents – Kids In The Park

02: Mirror Parties – Bear Vomit

03: Numbers Are Futile – Supersonic Speed Freak

04: North American War – Geraniums On A Spit

05: Stig – Instance

06: Min Diesel – Mother

07: Teenage Mafia – Holy Landfill

08: Young Philadelphia – I Don’t Know Nothin’ About Nobody No More

09: Rory McIntyre – Boom Meringue

10: Squirls – Stuck In A Bog

11: Kitchen Cynics – The Button From Her Blouse

12: Side Pony – YBS

13: Sean Armstrong – I Feel More Than World Right Now

Dont say Im not good to you now…………
Dirty Beard Monthly 1 by Guts Power

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