New to Me: Public Spaces

Dirty Beard Monthly has also recently co-released (along with their pals Electropapknit) the debut album by Public Spaces

Public Spaces is an experimental music project set up by Lewis MacDonald which, in this current album, became a 3 year-long collaboration between Lewis and double bassist Alistair Quietsch. As the project grew they later asked other musicians and friends to contribute and record on select tracks; those featuring are Alastair Chivers (Deathpodal & Battery Face), Claire Patterson and Robbie Burry.

The album’s title is an abbreviation for Kinning Park Complex, a volunteer-run artists’ studios in the Southside of Glasgow where the collaborative project grew from February 2011 until late 2013. What initially started off as recorded jams, these later grew and were reworked into set, finalised pieces over the 3 year period. As the recording sessions progressed the two noticed a great similarity in taste, styles and influences ranging from Tom Waits, Swans, 50’s bebop jazz to Steve Reich and Nine Inch Nails. On listening sessions the album has been described as “dark jazz”, “junkyard” and “schizoid”.

Public Spaces has played alongside others acts such as the A-Band, Islet, Galoshins, Noma, Atomic Hooligan and Battery Face while Alistair has performed as part of the American free-jazz improvisational trio Funny Money in Boston as well as playing on lineups featuring Jer Reid, Fritz Welch, Okishima Island Tourist Association and Bad History Month.

From here plans are in motion for the release of Public Space’s first EP “Voices” as well as Alistair Quietsch’s own solo work on double bass.

“a bedrock of feral jazz, snarling blues and brutal industrial rhythms.  Outstanding, challenging, transgressive, it will undoubtedly prove too strong medicine for some” – The Skinny 4/5

Oooooft – brace yourself then.  I was told “Mike Patton vs Tom Waits Arm Wrestle”.  Sounds delightful 🙂



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