New to Me: Hagana (more free music)

Im loving this !!  Hagana.  Their Bandcamp page says “3 lads from Edinburgh, Scotland. Pop is not a dirty word.”  Two truthful statements for sure !!  They are undoubtedly from Edinburgh but pop isnt quite how Id describe Hagana though – melodic yes but definitely heavier and darker than yer normal pop pickings !!  Wait though, Im in danger of getting all wordy on yer asses and I wont cos Im shit at it !!


I am LOVING this.  Drummer, David Chisholm emailed me with all the info on the single ‘Fuzzy Punch’ which is out today, 18th November and its another example of my favourite thing – THE FREE DOWNLOAD.  Thank you gentlemen. Its is the first single from their debut full-length album One Year, which will be released in January 2014.
The song’s jagged lead riffs, juxtaposed with the heavily pop-tinged harmonies and chorus’ showcase the band’s sound and hints at more to come on the forthcoming album.

Im still loving this.  Coincidentally theyre at Mad Hatters in Inverness on 29th November with the wonderful Birdhead in support.  I shall endeavour to make it along but that next morning sees the uprooting and shifting of dontblog Towers to its new base of operations 2 streets away.  Still a big job and an early start so time will tell……….such a lot on that night its mental !!

This wouldnt properly constitute a proper nonblog post in the proper sense of the proper word properly without a big lump of copy and pasted biography thang proper.

Here ye go – now be sure and go and listen or go and see them or send them emails proclaiming undying love for them.  Theyre quite spiffing !!

“Hagana are an alt-rock/pop/grunge trio from Edinburgh, Scotland. They combine heavy rock riffs with an unashamed radio-friendly, pop sensibility. Their sound is difficult to pigeonhole, with influences ranging from early Foo Fighters/Nirvana, Weezer and Queens of the Stone Age to XTC, Tears For Fears and Cardiacs.

Hagana have built up a reputation locally as an exciting and LOUD live act. This Summer they had the opportunity to tour Western Canada, and on their return supported American industrial-rockers Filter.

Their last release, Hagana EP, received strong reviews, but a change in bass player halted progress shortly after. The current line-up of Leo Fox (Guitar/Vocals), David Chisholm (Drums/Vocals) and Gary Pycroft (Bass) has been together since 2011. “


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