New to Me: CS Buchan

Any email from a musician that opens with ‘Fit Like’ has me interested immediately.  This is how I first encountered Charley Buchan.  Thats the language I know and love, kenfitlike !!  I’m a Banffer and he’s fae the Broch – I winna haud it against him tho 🙂

Second bonus about this one is that the press release is infinitely more entertaining than the shite I would make up by plagiarizing the original text.

Third bonus – aye THIRD, fa said Eberdonians wiz tight ? – is that the music itself is bloody marvellous !!  Very very listenable indiefolkrockpopwithchipsandstuff or something along those lines !!  As always the catchphrase kicks in – BUT DONT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, go and have a listen, give it a like and allow yourself to be warmly embraced by Mr Buchans Blunt-endorsed cabbagey tunes !!

Heres some tunes, links and a total copy and paste of the entire presseroonie !

CS Buchan enjoys self-release

I hate CS Buchan. His music smells like cabbage. And he’s probably a sex criminal

James Blunt

Well James, you may be correct but Aberdeen-based bearded indie-folkster weirdo CS Buchan has announced the release of his new album by starting up his own DIY record label – and he is a hot little potato right now.

His fourth album in just two years, ‘Material Others’ will be the first record released on fitlike Records. The album has an impressive list of collaborators, featuring members of IndianRedLopez, The Little Kicks and Buchan’s daughter Katie as well as artwork by emerging Scottish artist Steve Murison. Katie Buchan, at the age of 14 has already begun to earn praise for ‘being much better at singing than her father’. The release is scheduled for 25/11/13.

Material Others Cover

Needing no introduction to crowds in his home city of Aberdeen and across the North-east of Scotland, CS Buchan still needs some explaining to those further south who may not have experienced one of his memorable live sets. His customary (and often hilariously self-deprecating) on-stage humour can’t hide a genuine and prolific songwriting talent.

‘Material Others’ represents his most accomplished album yet, diverse enough to prove engaging, mysterious in a way which demands further listens and with a crucial feeling of coherence to make it all fit together on one record.


As for the decision to start a DIY label and self-release the record, it just seems like common sense in the digital age. Record labels have very little to offer off-the-wall artists like CS Buchan. Keep the costs down and retain creative control – that’s the model.

Fitlike Records will be working with a small group of musicians in and around the North-east of Scotland, with more releases due in 2014. CS Buchan will probably have another five albums written by then and a few more court appearances under his belt.

Material Others 3

I’d invite CS Buchan to play every event if I could. In fact, it wouldn’t even need to be an event. I’d love to have him in my fridge, so every time I open it, I get a few bars from one of his 5,630 songs while I reach for my third Muller Fruit Corner of the afternoon. The guy is THAT good.” – Citizen Mule Promotions 

To celebrate the launch of ‘Material Others’, there will be an intimate show at the Advocates Library in Aberdeen on Saturday 23rd November. The CD album comes with album artwork postcards and a limited edition print will be available on the night. The Advocates Library is a hidden gem of a venue that promises to deliver an amazing evening of music and buffoonery.

Having recently shared the stage with the likes of Alisdair Roberts, The Wave Pictures, Thomas Truax and Jeffrey Lewis, CS Buchan plans to promote Material Others with forthcoming shows including a support show with Lanterns on the Lake and a performance at the Scottish Lighthouse Museum, Fraserburgh.

Plans are afoot for Fitlike Records showcase gigs to celebrate the more sensitive and unusual singer songwriters on offer in the North-East of Scotland. For more information email: –

Material Others 2

More information on CS Buchan, including upcoming shows can be found at and for bookings contact

And there you have it – time we had an Inverness Adventure Mr Buchan !!  Make it so (Star Trek reference for any geeks who may be reading it.  Me ?  Im a Blade Runner man !!  Not an actual Blade Runner tho – christ, I widna ken far to start as far as killing replicants goes…….)




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