(Not) New to Me: Jo Mango

Ok so I cheat a bit sometimes on the ‘no-previews’ thing – hey its my page Ill please my fuckin self !!  (Ooh sweary this early – edgy)  Sometimes things come along that MUST be talked about.  Jo Mango is one of those things/ladies/singers.  As you know I also cheat a lot when it comes to the writey bit so here’s a bastardised version of her press release which will hopefully make me appear wordy and knowledgable about all things Jo – ultimately I hope it will spur you on to click a few links and discover,  listen and buy this amazing talents music !!  If all that happens then its JOB DONE here at dontblog Towers  🙂

Following the release of her breathtaking album Murmuration in 2012, Olive Grove Records are thrilled to announce the release of Jo’s beguiling new EP, When We Lived in the Crook of a Tree.  I seem to be listening to a lot of Olive Grove stuff at the moment – aye, A LOT !


This spellbinding 4-track EP – and it is spellbinding, I can assure you.  Ive just listened to it 5 times and Im feeling more than a little bound by spells –  was commissioned for a special Celtic Connections show in 2012 in support of Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab). The songs were written and recorded within a month and Jo wanted to draw on the idea of speed, to mirror the creative process of these enchanting songs. As Jo explains, “It becomes just like a capture of fleeting moments of inspiration with a lot of fragility about them.”  This process sounds very much like what I do here on the nonblog (it doesn’t but I just like to feel arty and creative from time to time.  Speaking of creative and arty………..

I love how there is a Reverend Green card on the wall…………

The tracks will be available to purchase in ethereal non-physical sciencefictiony digital or old skool CD posted thru yer door formats from 2nd December from either Jo’s Bandcamp or the Olive Grove site – I’m sure they’ll be available in other fine upstanding money-making machine type sites but these are the places I prefer to do my shopping at !!

The songs were based on stories from Angela Carter‘s Book of Fairytales, which is a collection of weird and wonderful tales from around the world that have female protagonists. Jo fell in love with one fairytale in particular.

There is a fairytale from West Africa – ‘The Girl Who Stayed in the Fork of a Tree’. I wrote all the songs based on that one tale. It’s a surreal and dark tale involving kidnap, armies of babies, evil kings, zebra-tails, talking birds and supernatural mothers. At the heart of it is a story that I think many people can relate to, about fear of the future and of having or not having children.”

When We Lived in the Crook of a Tree catches Jo in a musical & embryonic state, revealing glimmers of melancholy that have never before been as apparent. Every song paints an exquisite picture and every breath takes you to a place of hypnotic contentment.  My personal favourite of the 4 tracks is the exquisite Send in the Crows.

Jo’s just back from the Far East – thats Japan not Peterhead you ninny, and will soon be playing with our pals Call to Mind among others – heres some dates……………far far from me and the trusty Nikons but hopefully a return to the Highlands before too long !! (Never one to miss a trick tho as far as posting a pic goes – heres one of CtM’s Jamie Ross at Eden Court back in June)


14th December 2013 – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow: with Call To Mind

26th January 2014 – Òran Mór, Glasgow: Celtic Connections – Olive Grove Records showcase



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