New to Me: Little Death Machine

This is Little Death Machine and they will NOT be everyones cup of green tea.  I like that in a band. They shouldn’t be – there’s enough blandness out there in musicland these days.  This is definitely 21st century but something about it takes me back to my late 80’s/early 90’s period of listening to The 3 Johns, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Love & Rockets and a million other things that went round my early 20’s head.

LDM are Daniel Cross & Clare Tsangari, another female drummer. Brilliant !!  What’s going on this year with women on drum-kits coming into my consciousness ??  Elks, Bizerk and now LDM.  Its a sign, an omen or probably not………..

The video is intense – I also like that.  Haven’t decided if the ‘baddie’ in it is Shambles Miller or Kemi from Aerials Up yet but I’ll work it out in my wee heed soon enough.  It is of course neither – its someone called Tom Dickson – but that’s not the way I process stuff 🙂

As usual I don’t have much to say – I’m just here to put this stuff out there when the nice talented musicy people send me emails to say hello.

Little Death Machine

Hello Little Death Machine.  Lets be friends


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