New to Me: Matt Watson


Really enjoy reading your blog! it’s great and wondered if you might like to hear my stuff too! I’m Matt Watson from the UK Singer/Songwriter/
Hope you enjoy and keep up the great work on the Blog!
Matt 🙂

Alrighty Mr Watson – thanks for that.  I’m a sucker for a good tune and a husky voice.  That’s husky as in a bloke with a husky voice, not a sled dog who sings.  Glad we got that cleared up (did it actually need clearing up or did I just muddy the water for the sake of it……..).


Matt has opened for Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff, The Undertones, Scouting for Girls and Billy Bragg…  (ok 3 out of 4 aint bad – can’t abide Scouting for Girls.)  Whatever happens it would be nice to have Matt up in the Highlands for a wee performance.  Might go down well at a Carnivale night, Hoots ? If you’re passing, Matt  🙂

I shall shuttup and allow Matt to fill you in on his himness and musicalifications………

I started out as an acoustic based performer so it’s nice to return to my simpler raw roots…

I create all my own Artwork and Illustrations and I’m really excited about being involved in every aspect of the creative process of making this record from the music playing all the instruments and recording from home at my own pace through to the creating the art work.

Complete independence of my artistic endeavour, it’s got to be good right?

The music this time is more what I’m about than maybe Huck was at time’s I hate comparisons but Billy Bragg, Miles Hunt, Frank Turner, Pearl Jam The Clash and Ben Howard to name just but a few of my musical muses!!

Here’s looking forward to the future…2013 has seen me play some great local gigs including numerous Festival slots including Latitude Festival.With plenty coming up over the next year it’s all very exciting!



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