Hear Meeshys Vocals

meeshhmv (1)

A nice wee pre-dinner set at HMV Inverness – see what I did with the post title there, facking genius yet again !!  Yup, Meeshelle Newell wowed an intimate audience in our local record emporium (other local record emporiums are available).  Flanked by Ant Standing and Hammerandy Pierce she played a selection of her own music featuring, of course, the recently released single Take The Time as well as its ‘b-side’, Love Song. B-sides don’t really exist as such in this digital age any more eh – it’s all on the same side 🙂 .  Get Lucky also got an airing – I’ve now forgotten that the D**t P*n* version exists.  The Meesh version is just brilliant.

I missed the official single launch down at the Village as I was gearing up for a wedding shoot the next day – clear head and all that – so it was nice to be able to pop along and support oor Meesh this evening.  I do try my best with the local stuff but unfortunately the dontblog ‘press gang’ consists of me, myself and little old me so it can be difficult to juggle life, shift work, family and gigs.


Sounded great, looked great,  was great, in general, GREAT !! So in summary………..great !  

Enough of my pish – here are a few photos from the set – that’s what I do…………….

meeshhmv (8)

meeshhmv (7)

meeshhmv (6)

meeshhmv (5)

meeshhmv (4)

meeshhmv (3)

meeshhmv (2)


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