New to Me: Rawcuss

I have to say it – the name threw me a bit when I read the email from the guys at Longevity Records. It made me think for some reason that I was about to be assaulted by some kind of comedy death metal outfit or an 80’s hair metal Quiet Riot tribute band or something.  Not so thankfully – quirky, ska-influenced rocky poppy punky wunky dunky something something something. I’m not very good at this. Here’s the music and the story. Give them a listen. As the Joe Perry Project once said “Let the music do the talking…….” (absolutely no Aerosmith connection, I just had that song in my head. It’s been a slow day….)

Since the release of their debut single ‘TV Fantasies’, February 2011, Rawcuss have gone from strength to strength across the Internet .Kimi Ramone in the US and Steve Lamaq have played ‘TV Fantasies’ with a great reception.

In 2009, the band started putting on gig nights to showcase themselves as well as other local, up-and-coming bands around the North-West of England. Last year the band started their very own gig nights and have just released their 2nd single ‘John Travolta’ on Longevity Records.

The band have been produced by Tim Thomas at Blueprint Studios, Manchester, home of Elbow. Rawcuss have also been involved in the running of and playing at festivals, such as the Goodwood Vintage festival and Beached Festival in Manchester Castlefield. Through all of this they are building a loyal fan-base.


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