New to Me: Minor Wiley

Received a brilliantly vague email this morning………..


We’re a tree-piece band from Athens, GA. We really dig your blog and wanted to share our new EP with you!

Hope you like it!

Well you had me at “We really dig your blog”………Im easy like that. 🙂

Magic !  No more info than a couple of links on the Bandcamp page for their Facebook and twitter feeds which also gave no more of Minor Wileys secrets away other than the REM-tinged ‘tree’ piece consist of Adam Weisberg, Dmitriy Rusanov and Dylan Lundberg.  Unsurprisingly of course as they hail from the stomping ground of Messrs Stipe, Buck et al; Athens, Georgia y’all !!  So instead of giving me screeds and screeds of press-release info and stuff I neither need to know or care about these guys simply let their music do the talking.  Works for me !

I can hear loads of different stuff in their music – REM, Pixies, Elliot Smith, Tragically Hip and loads of others but I’m shit at this whole remembering-the-things-I-need-to-write-at-the-time-stuff so fuck it – go and download the E.P. for free and make up your own mind.  I like it – you will too – if not a full refund is available………….oh wait……..

Here !  Have some free music !


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