That Not So Silent Forest

If a tree fell in a silent forest and there wasn’t really anyone there to hear it would it still make a sound ??

Damn straight it would !!  A big fucking sound with pounding drums and swirling geeetars and all that wordy shit that I’m no good at !!  That’s a wee bit like this evenings scenario in Hoots up here in the Highlands of Scotland.  A Sunday night and This Silent Forest came to let us hear the musical bits and bobs from their new album Indivision.  Nobody came out to play to this Inverness gig.

tsfhoots (11)

They scared some people at the soundcheck – there was word of them being a bit loud.  “Oh they’re very loud you know” and “I’m sorry I can’t hear a word you’re saying” “Ahhhhh my ears are bleeding” were phrases bandied about while Robin Abbott played a blinder of an acoustic set in support.

tsfhoots (1)

Loud ??  What the fuck ??  Rock n Roll People ?  That’s why there’s a stage and a PA – it’s not supposed to be quiet.  It wasn’t and I’m glad.  It was simply stunning – other opinions are, as always, available but for me that was a great 50 mins of powerful rock from a band that really really deserved to be playing to a far bigger crowd tonight.  A poor turnout even for a Sunday.  Bugger !!  You’d better all have notes from yer mum.  No other cameras kicking about either – bizarrelly.  Oh well. Hopefully my wee collection will do the evening justice……… always more can be found HERE and HERE

this silent forest

tsfhoots (10)

tsfhoots (8)

tsfhoots (7)

tsfhoots (6)

tsfhoots (5)

tsfhoots (4)

tsfhoots (9)

tsfhoots (2)

tsfhoots (3)


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