New to Me: Scarlet Shift

Now bear in mind – New to Me may not mean its new to you.  I’ve been busy of late so have only just found out about Scarlet Shift.  No doubt all you young hipsters out there have been into them for fucking years and go for coffee with them and stuff which is fine – see if I care.  I am liking what I’m hearing……quite a lot to be honest !!  Nice slice of guitar driven power-pop.  Thanks to Mike Gourlay over at Infected for introducing me to these guys tuneful musings.  A lovely lovely lovely man who often looks after my ears (and I don’t post about what he sends me often enough – sorry)

So this is Scarlet Shifts new thang which is called Clouds and features  Janine from Vukovi in it and on it !

Scarlet Shift are Andy Black, Lewis Murphy & Adam Teiger  and they have the following shows coming up too.  These real-life appearances enable you to see them in a live setting as opposed to a non-live setting.  They used stringed instruments and, I believe, drum-like accessories.  It’s a new concept but I feel that it’s catching on with the young folks out there.

They play Mesifest on Saturday 28th (Brown Bear & The Bandits headlining) and Haddowfest on 12th October.  Then they’ll be supporting Sheffield band The Ratells at Classic Grand on 27th October followed by a headline at the Arches on 14th December.

‘Clouds’ features on Scarlet Shift’s ‘Found’ album out now and you can find that over HERE

Come and visit us in the Highlands soon…….



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