New to Me: Quinny

Aye so new to me eh – another one.  I’m shite at time at keeping up with what’s going on and down and around.  That’s why I’m always indebted to our very own local Prince of Pop, Murray Netsounds for throwing me the odd bone.  Jamie just sends me emails full of lies and fabrications – Murray’s the only one I can trust now…………hmmmm paranoia – must be Wednesday !!

This bone is called Quinny and as per usual I have pulled out the journalistic stops and copied and pasted his details and info from HIS OWN FACEBOOK PAGE !!  Fuuuuucking shameless I know but its better than any rubbish I would type up.  The 4-track Read All the Rumours EP is out now – its shit-hot (I hope to fuck that still means good, kids – it does in my vocabulamaricary). Its sounds like a bit of this and a bit of that – go listen please.  It sounds like Quinny !!

Heres the bit when I say – Wouldnt it be great to have him play up here in the ‘Ness – then I get emails to say he already has, twice or something like that.  Well if he has, I didn’t see him so let’s have him back smartarse !!

Peter Quinn or Quinny is a Glasgow based singer/songwriter. Following the untimely demise of his previous band Variety Suite in 2010, Quinny began working on some songs he’d left on the back burner with a view to starting a new project, beginning with some solo shows. While struggling to find committed members, he was drafted into Folk/Americana outfit The Giddy Things which served as a source of musicians from where he was finally able to pull together a band for a debut full band performance at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow on 7th September 2012.

Heres a nifty wee Foals cover….



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