More Beer (ok, cider), Still No Sausage

What a pain in the arse of a place to get to.  Jocktoberfest day 2.  Bus Wankered it from Culloden to Inverness then again from Inverness to just off the A9.  From there I walked to the festival venue – knackered before I got there.  Lets have some transport sorted out for next year – buses would be handy.  It’s a beer festival – nobody wants to drive surely.

Having spent the morning watching the heavens piss all over the highlands it was a pleasure to see the sun and I arrived to the strains of Willie & Tabs Macaskill playing Oh My My.  Bugger – so Id missed them !!  I did finally see Red Ronson,  Josephine Sillars and Be Like Pablo for the first time – I know, where the fuck have I been.   I did unfortunately miss The LJP, Woodenbox and Casual Sex – band not activity – all of whom I’ve seen recently so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  Other highlights were Stetson Head and Siobhan Wilson.  Apparently there were no musicians within a 5 mile radius of the Market Bar for the whole day………

Anyhoo – another grand day out for everyone – lots of fancy dress and lots of music and face painting and stuff and other stuff and some stuff beside that stuff was going on over by other stuff.  Oh and a lassie dropped her phone in the bog and her mate cleaned faeces from it for her and we all lived happily ever after.  (I grabbed my first lift opportunity and was back in Inverness for 8pm drunker than Id realised – oh well).

Heres some photos…………………….more images from the two days can be found over here

jfestmain (1)

Sara Bills & the Hasbeen

jfestmain (8)

Red Ronsons Andrew Barnett is shocked to see me actually finally make it along to see them play

jfestmain (7)

The live auditions for new frontman were going well……..

jfestmain (9)

Josephine ‘Yes its an ironing board’ Sillars

jfestmain (2)

Dorec-a-Belle. Its been a long time since I caught up with these ladies. Sounding great

jfestmain (10)

Ali Dooner leads the mighty Stetsonhead to glory once again – they went down a storm

jfestmain (3)

Willie Macaskill of the ‘Head

jfestmain (4)

Sara Bills take #2 over in the groovy little acoustic stage (also Madame Phippin ipadding everyone for instagram)

jfestmain (11)

The brilliant Siobhan Wilson – nice Gretsch !!

jfestmain (12)

Young Master Mackenzie gets all bobble hatted and acoustic before taking me back to town and getting me drunk while listening to XTC

jfestmain (13)

Jamies guest spot with Be Like Pablo failed miserably

jfestmain (14)

Be Like Pablo

jfestmain (6)

Not a lot of sense happening here

James Mackenzie Take #2 - Mad Hatters Inverness much much much later in the day

James Mackenzie Take #2 – Mad Hatters Inverness much much much later in the day


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