Happy 10th Belladrum. The Party in Pictures (Saturday)

Ok – Part two.  A whole month after the event !!  Tut tut !!  Ach I just felt why go hell for leather trying to get something sub-standard out 24 hours or so after the end of Bella when I could take my time, work on my photos and leave the writing up to them that’s good at it !!  (dont get your hopes up – its still a load of shite – hehe)

Part one nicked Margarets review – heres Jamie Netsounds Macdonalds one here – both were simple and straight to the point as I hope my two Bella posts have been.  This is another collection of photos from the 10th Anniversary with a smattering of words inbetween – not a lot but hopefully just enough !

HIGHLIGHTS – SHUTTER, ANDERSON MCGINTY WEBSTER WARD AND FISHERS acoustic session for Marion at MFR and GARDEN OF ELKS.  The AMWWF moment probably takes the biscuit for the day

LOWPOINTS – Thinking it would be a good idea to pop into the Garden Stage photo pit when Rumours of Fleetwood Mac were on.  Thats 4 and a half minutes of my life I’m never going to get back

bellablog (39)

Shutter – just fucking brilliant !! Another great way to start a Bella Saturday !

bellablog (40)

bellablog (41)

I love the Shutter !! Fave thing is the DOUBLE PEDAL STOMP when they quickly look at each other in a quiet bit then STOMP them pedals at THE SAME TIME. Ach I know what I mean – ask me when you see me 🙂

bellablog (42)

AMWWF played a new song for the first time for Marion – it was something special indeed. We were all speechless. I still didnt catch the title tho – sad git eh. Something about Spain. Good tho. (see this is why I keep my full time job too….)

bellablog (43)

bellablog (44)

Jamie Netsounds was starting to feel his age on Day 2

bellablog (45)

Jamie ‘Little Fire’ always good but could have been doing with a few more bodies in the Seedlings. Shame – people should really really see this guy before he goes places !!

bellablog (46)

Downright good blokes Be Like Pablo braved the madness of the press enclosure (ok the MFR bit – the rest was quite staid – some people hardly left the bus. I know……)

bellablog (47)

bellablog (48)

The Horrors – lovely chaps. Manager/minder/burlybloke not so. Och I suppose he was only doing his job but if you walk into a press area expect your act to have their fucking photo taken

bellablog (49)

Running from The Dangleberries. (They had just finished – they go down a storm. What can I say)

bellablog (50)

bellablog (51)

Rick Redbeard – whatta nice man !! I met very few wankers this year and even fewer that I didnt already know

bellablog (52)

Phillip Taylor of Paws acoustic sesh for Marion was utterly stunning too – a real good crop this year as always !!

bellablog (53)

bellablog (54)

Up at the Free Range Stage !!

bellablog (55)

Duncanmakerovermatchstickcomparethemeerguitarman !! As always, a wonder to watch and listen to – time we had that full band experience again tho methinks. Sort it out Mr Overmeer !!

bellablog (56)

Casual Sex casually flirting

bellablog (57)

A coo coo for the Pigeon Detectives

bellablog (58)

Lady MFR finally off duty !!

bellablog (59)

Niall Strachan elking the fuck out of Seedlings. Not everyones cup of tea. I drink cider though so Im ok !!

bellablog (60)

Garden of Elks

bellablog (61)

bellablog (62)

Keep bumping into this talented kid in the pits. Anyone any idea who he is #jimmyolsencubreporter

bellablog (63)

Casually smeared make up by Casual Sex !! Very very very very very pleased to be there apparently !!

bellablog (64)

bellablog (65)

“LOVE THE BLOG” came the cry. Made my fucking day that did !! Cheers m’dear !!

HUGE THANKS AS ALWAYS GOES OUT TO DOUGIE BROWN AND HIS TEAM AT BELLADRUM, MARION AND HER INCREDIBLE GAGGLE OF BAMS AT MFR, NETSOUNDS and anyone else who allowed me to annoy the bejeesus out of them over the two days.

It was good

See you all next year…………………………


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