Happy 10th Belladrum. The Party in Pictures (Friday)

bellablog (2)

View from the Desk

Aye so it was the 10th Belladrum.  Two days of fun and frolics in the sun.  Summer popped over for a couple of days at Kiltarlity and dried out the mud and other damp patches.  I took two cameras but elected to leave pen and paper behind.  Fact is I’m a photography kinda person – I leave the proper wordy stuff to people like my good friend Margaret over at Highland News.  GO READ MARGARETS BRILLIANT BELLA REVIEW.  I couldn’t muster anything close to the quality of that so I’ll have to just go with the pictures as usual.

This is my Bella – not your Bella otherwise these would all be your photos – they’re not – they’re mine.  I hope you like them.  There are some more over here on my faecesboke page and yonder on my FLICKR page.  I hope to be placing some words in between the photos as I piece together my 2 days – time will tell.  As usual I spent two weeks trying to work out what I should write/say/lie about when in fact I have sensibly now added the images first and shall now attempt to fill the gaps (in between and in memory).  It may be horribly disjointed and all over the place but that’s almost a trademark around here – hehe !!

First shot above was thanks to Mike Hogg the man with the plan as far as sound etc goes.  Wandering about the main arena waiting for gates to open and throngs to throng I heard a familiar voice.  ‘Want a couple shots from the Desk, houdi’ – don’t mind if I do thanks Mike !!  It’s definitely not what you know it’s who you know eh.  Cheers Mr H.  Makes for a different view of the Garden Stage area from exactly 12.01pm according to the EXIF data on the image.


HOUDIHIGHLIGHTS FOR FRIDAY WERE………in no particular order……….. and for purely personal reasons…………  THE OXIDES, PEATBOG FAERIES AND ALABAMA 3

bellablog (3)

Ash Mackay opened the main stage with her Cosmonauts. Perfect bright summery start to the proceedings

bellablog (4)

Dickie has the X-Factor

bellablog (5)

Plenty support for Ash and the boys for their set ! Good to see

bellablog (6)

Woodenbox rocked the shit out of the Garden Stage – too early a slot as far as Im concerned. Theyd have gone down a storm later in the afternoon.

bellablog (7)

Lunchtime snooze while they contemplate their Uni applications ?

bellablog (8)

Red Ronson take the Netsounds/goNORTH Arena by acoustic force – now gazebo-less thanks to gale force winds ! Health and Safety first !

bellablog (9)

Bunch of Arse !! These gentlemen were popular with the ladies. Unsure why – shit still comes out of those bums…….

bellablog (10)

Miniature Dinosaurs play an intimate acoustic session for Marion at MFR

bellablog (11)

Marion was polite and a consummate professional throughout………

bellablog (12)

Pel & Jake Oxide in the Moray Firth Acoustic ‘Tent’. Jake rocking the ‘Young Elvis’ look for the day ?

bellablog (13)

3/4 of the Oxides and Marion are photo-bombed by that man Overmeer

bellablog (14)

bellablog (15)

Peter Morrison and the Peatbog Faeries did it for me as always. Never fail to get the party going. Great choice for late afternoon pick me up………..

bellablog (16)


bellablog (17)

bellablog (18)

Ex-Razorlight and We are Scientists fella, Andy Burrows plays for Marion while Malcolm twiddles with nobs in the background

bellablog (19)

Andy re-creates my last years shot of him with the Tomatin bottle – this time its Carlsberg. Great guy – good laugh – amazing tunes !!

bellablog (20)

Niall & Kirstin Elk, elking about !!

bellablog (21)

The MFR team – they are too good to me. I love them all !!

bellablog (22)

The Netsounds/goNORTH Seminar sessions were an instant hit. Here Murray demonstrates to Shaun and Jamie the art of installing a wellington boot correctly

bellablog (23)

My favourite rock-n-roll-bitch-bastard-noise-smash-smash-holy-fuck band for the Friday – The Oxides – knackered just watching them !! Pure Energy

bellablog (24)

bellablog (25)

bellablog (26)

The Galipaygos and special guests Big Al Dropkick and Baron Jamie von Lipshtrumpetten on The Potting Shed Stage – twas marvellous so twas !

bellablog (27)

Bringing the motherfunk to Venus Fly Trap stage was The Motherfunking Leonard Jones Potential.

bellablog (28)

Please please can we stop fucking around and get these guys back on the main stage next year – this is how you get a few thousand feet moving !!

bellablog (29)

Grant Whisky gives it laldy – not Aldi – this is a Co-op festival !!

bellablog (30)

Whiskys second, and best Im told, set of the day. From Hothouse to Potting Shed. Fuck knows – I missed the early set cos Im crap at this sort of thing 🙂

bellablog (31)

Second set was absolutely peachy tho !!

bellablog (32)

The carnage that is the Mothers Ruin ‘arena’ as seen from the DJ box – Dizzy Rascal would say its Bonkers I suppose – I was shitting it !!

bellablog (33)

bellablog (34)

bellablog (35)

The them & Us gentlemen played an utter blinder – needed some darkness to make it perfect but I suppose thats the problem with summer fests eh. Thanks again for dragging my sorry ass up that ladder tho fellas – you were brilliant !

bellablog (36)

bellablog (37)

Alabama 3 were a perfect finisher for me !! I dont often shed a tear in the pit but for some reason they pressed all my buttons and I had a wee moment – I get like that when Ive seen a band many many many times over the years and they get this fucking good !!

bellablog (38)

And that was Bella part one……..done !!


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