Happy Anniversary Runrig – I Went to Hoots

Runrig !! 40th Anniversary ?!!?!? Black isle ?? Gaun ? Nae Chance !! Happy anniversary chaps but I’m not Runrig Scottish, I’m Peatbog Faeries Scottish – same island, different dance steps. Neither band was playing Mad Hatters tonight.  Confused ?  Good.  Tonight was much more traditional rock n roll than trad scottish with Talking Point and their support for the evening, Dougie Greig.

Tpoint (5)

Dougie is one of the stars of the Scottish rock n roll reality television show The Only Way is ROAD. (I have copyrighted that title through my company Endthemall.  I also made that shite up). Hed huckled his bruvvah to drive him from and back to Glasgow so well done the Greig Sibling cos without him we wouldn’t have been treated to the silky vocals and acoustic stylings of the Roadway frontman.


The album is out now, Black Water Son, and the tracks we heard tonight were simply stunning. They were Dance of the Devil, The Secret, Victoria, Bleed, World in a Pocketwatch, Black Water Son and House of Cards.  He harmonises with himself via digital backing track style setup – 21st century trickery/witchcraft which back in my day he’d have been burnt at the stake for using. (Boss RC-50 Loop pedal for the tech geeks among you)  Highlight for me was listening to him sing while simultaneously drinking his pint and coming back in perfectly to join himself in the chorus. Brilliantly executed !!  Having seen Doug in his role as powerhouse ball of fury and rawk with Roadway it was nice to see him doing what he does when he’s not being the Wolverine of Rock.  Really really impressed with the solo acoustic stuff.  Have I cursed yet in this post ?? Not properly.  Right then – fucking magic, that’s what it was !!


Tpoint (3)

Next up were old skool four piece Talking Point.  Good sized audience too – not just normal Saturday night punters either – this lot were here to see the much talked about reunion of the local act from way back.  I’ve been looking forward to this since it was mentioned to me by singer Bonnies husband – they didn’t disappoint.  Hints of many things 80’s and 90’s – Pretenders among others stood out as a possible influence but as always I try not to get into that whole comparison and clever-arsed review thing – Im shit at it.  I’ll just say that it didn’t appear that they’d ‘been away’ for any length of time and were as tight as a ducks bahookie !!  I think some initial nerves soon turned to enjoyment – as I said local support from friends and family was brilliant – and by the end I reckon they could have happily played another hour or so now that they were into it !

Tpoint (1)

A combination of old and new songs along with a cover of  TP and the HB’s Refugee which gave me my missing link in who Bonnie T McColls voice reminds me of – it’s a Hynde/Tzuke/Nicks/Petty hybrid mixup smorgasbord kinda thing – that’s just what I hear tho.  Tracks the lady and gents played were Colours, Loser, Taking it Back, On My Mind, Now/Wasting Time, No Love, Mystery, Problem Child, Days, the aforementioned Refugee and Cry Baby – I forget which one was the slow burner but it was described, tongue in cheek, as the wrist-slasher.  Ouch !

Tpoint (2)

Tpoint (4)

Talking Point are recording again so I hope there should be some more dates coming soon.  Worth a look if a bit of tight, AOR is your bag.  Have I cursed yet – oh aye, once earlier.  Heres another.  Much better that fucking Runrig – other opinions are available  🙂

Excuse the shite photos – another red-light fight at Mad Hatters and Im not fully bonded with new lenses quite yet – I just hate using the flash as it blinds every fucker but needs must for the future unless someone wants to give me a couple grand for some nice new prime lenses. hehe – thought not !!




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