Gordon the Whelks a possible tribute act !!

Just a wee revisit to goNORTH 2013 to post some photos of Garden of Elks for no other reason than their inclusion was two of the highlights for me.  Ok one was Niall on his todd playing a stripped back 3 song set at Ironworks but it was Elkie songs – didn’t do Pearls a Singer though, disappointingly (have I used that gag already?)

Before all of the live fun and games though we had the recorded material.  Evie Dontblog was straight into the jiffy when it arrived and got that silvery disc a-playing. (I managed to snaffle the badges)  Then hit the percussion box in keeping with that mornings female drummer theme !!  Thats how we roll on a Saturday morning over at Dontblog Towers.  Themed !  Boom !

whelks (1)


Jammin with the Elks

Jammin with the Elks

whelks (28)

Ironworks Acoustic setlist :  Surfer Boy – This Morning We Are Astronauts – Limpy the Javelin Thrower .  Niall was all set to rattle of 7 or 8 but we held him to 3.

whelks (6)

whelks (23)

whelks (27)
whelks (8)
whelks (25)

Mad Hatters setlist :  Floaty – Broken Elk – Bitten & Smitten – Contended Contender – This Morning We Are Astronauts – Rowan’s Magical Bucket – 3D Glasses 2D World – Surfer Boy – Niall chucks gimp guitar . This came from Kirsten at Rockness the following day and she was ‘Typing with burnt peperamis here’ so it may actually be Limpy the Javelin Thrower.  Im fucked if I can remember the Thursday set – my lasting memory was walking away from the stage shouting ‘Best Fucking Band EVER’ over and over – yes that was me.  Sorry !

whelks (17)

whelks (19)

whelks (12)

whelks (15)

whelks (16)

whelks (19)

whelks (20)

whelks (18)

whelks (11)

There you go then – by no means the best set of photos youll see from goNORTH but they were all taken with love in my heart and beer in my belly !!  (and Jack and a little vodka and possibly red wine………)


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