New to Me: Stampede Road

Edinburgh based Stampede Road have only been on the go since the beginning of 2013 but they’ve already nailed an albums worth of material. Impressive.  Their line-up includes a Fochabers loon, Graeme Duncan, so this Banff loon thocht he’d better gie the loons a bit o publicity !!  (loon = young gent or chap or in my case old git)  Guitarist Daniel Crichton emailed to fill me in on the who’s, what’s, why’s and wherefores of Stampede Road (and I, being a lazy bastard just copied and pasted it here).  As always, hoping for a Highland date from the chaps next time they’re passing through en route to Fochabers.  I miss the wee toon – last time I drove through it had disappeared completely.  I was sorely perplexed till I sussed out there had been a bypass built.  I’m not always this sharp you know.  Anyway – Stampede Road !!

“During a surprisingly snowy March 2013 the Edinburgh based Acoustic/Folk band Stampede Road decided to retire to singer Graeme Duncan’s hometown of Fochabers to record the small amount of music that they had managed to clamber together over the brief time that they had spent as a band. The four members had no expectations for the week as they only had a handful of songs. However, after a few of Speyside’s finest drams and a week of recording the band came away with an albums worth of material. Despite not having any expectations for the week, one thing the band were sure about was that they wanted to try to capture the sound and energy that is present on many of the old records, by bands such as The Band, Neil Young, and The Doors to name a few, that they listen to in their living rooms.


A few months on from this recording and Stampede Road are ready to release the first batch of songs from their forthcoming debut album. The single White Rooms and it’s accompanying B-side The Ghost and I are to be released on the 21st July 2013 with a launch taking place during August sometime at Edinburgh’s Oxfam Music Shop located in Stockbridge. Entry is free but the band will have 30 home made physical copies of the single on CD to sell along with home made Stampede Road India Pale Ale that will come free with every purchase of the single with all proceeds on the day going to Oxfam. The single is currently available to listen to HERE and will be available to download for free from the 21st July onwards.”

Fucking hell – Music & Beer !!  Thats some kind of witchcraft right there !!

Stampede Road are: Graeme Duncan (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Daniel Crichton (Electric Guitar/Vocals), Danen Sloan (Bass/Vocals/Sound Engineer), Sam Dick (Drums/Vocals), and Harry Fisher (Live Bass/Vocals).  (I assume Danen plays a dead bass – is this some kind of fishing reference ?  I just dont know)

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