CTM at EC for NU (and me)

A few more photos from goNORTH for your eyes and a little bit of special music for your lugholes courtesy of Call to Minds Jamie Ross and Netsounds.  A return to our first port of call for the 2 day industry festival.  Eden Court, Jamie Ross, a piano, and a couple of bawheeds toting cameras and recording equipment.  Jamie played us a haunting version of Chemotherapy on an Eden Court upright.  Marion played it on her show last Sunday night and Netsounds have it up on their Soundcloud.  It also features on the Podcast.  I spent a few hours trying to synch the track with the video footage I have from the day but I need…….more…….time (best James T Kirk voice there).  Watch this space for that hopefully – Im not beat yet.  Crikey – its all bloody go here this week !!

ctm_netsounds (1)

ctm_netsounds (2)


ctm_netsounds (3)

ctm_netsounds (4)

ctm_netsounds (5)

ctm_netsounds (6)

ctm_netsounds (7)


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