Candi and Meesh – No Florence

A wee jaunt to the Ironworks is always nice especially when its to support local acts. Last night saw Michelle Newell of LJP fame supporting Candi Staton of That Florence Song fame.  As always when I attempt this ‘reviewing’ lark I shall keep it very short and to the point.  Meesh and her gang of two – Messrs Standing and Pearce – were outstanding tonight !!  A strong half hour set finishing with a cover of that awful bloody Daft Punk song – Get Lucky.  Made it their own and I for one loved it !!  Set List was Real Eyes, The Rendevous, Every Morning, Lovesong, Beggin, Take the Time (new LJP single),  Slow and Get lucky.

meesh (5)

The small crowd were very appreciative and it filled up a bit more for Candi but I’m afraid – sorry Ms Staton – you left me cold.  Belladrum a few years ago was great – nice summers evening and a big, pissed crowd up for a boogie.  Ironworks just wasnt the same.  Not the artists fault or the venue.  After Meesh and the guys firing out the new single from LJP, nice takes on a couple of covers including  the aforementioned DP hit it would have been nice to hear some new stuff from the headliner – that’s wasn’t to be though (unless she did after I left – I couldn’t handle it for very long).  I have a greatest hits album of Candis here at dontblog Towers and I’m guessing that’s what it was all about last night.  Och maybe its me but Im just not that interested in Greatest Hits Packages these days.  What was refreshing though was that the band – tight as a ducks arse – were, as far as I could tell, the same band that played Bella with her.  So often you see the singers going through session musos like Keef goes through Jack Daniels.  I’m sure the Candi fans that were there had an absolute ball – I saw one couple easily in their 60’s getting their groove on at the back of the hall – but ultimately the score was 70’s Disco Diva – 0.  Local Soul Singer – 1.  No doubt about that result at all !!  Here are some images – more on the faecesboke page

Go and give Meesh some fan love over on her site too !!

meesh (1)


meesh (2)


meesh (3)

daft funk

meesh (4)

candi (1)

candi (3)

As always a huge thanks to the team at The Ironworks for making me welcome and putting up with my diva-like demands.  Still no signs of the blue m & m’s yet !!


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