People in Kilts and Frocks

In keeping with the recent non-music photo post here are some more photos that have nowt to do with tunes or gigs.

Had the pleasure of attending my best mates boys wedding in May down at Airth Castle and guess what ?  I had a camera with me.  Pretty much stuck with the Nikon 50mm f1.4 for the day and basically tried to shoot the other side of what the official snappers were doing.  I do like a candid.  Heres some shots from the day.

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Atkinson for putting up with me over the years and allowing me near their wedding – hehe !!  All the best for a long and happy life together ! x

wedding1 (1)

wedding1 (2)

wedding1 (3)

wedding1 (4)

wedding1 (5)

Shot through the foyer windows so as not to disturb Hazel and Scott. See, I can be courteous and thoughtful sometimes !

wedding1 (6)

The groom photobombs his new wife and pa-in-law. Hazel, the official evening ‘tog got the whole scene including me. Its pretty cool when that happens !

wedding1 (7)

The look of shock and awe was due to a particulary nasty table wobble as the sword went in. Hearts in mouth moment !!

wedding1 (8)

wedding1 (9)


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