goNORTH Thursday (its a natural progression…….)

gonorthday2 (12)

Aye, I thought it best to do the days in chronological order – less confusing.  Day 2 was much like day 1 but spelt different.  A great afternoon spent in The Ironworks with Netsounds and some amazing acoustic sessions followed by some drinking and music-based activities.  I took some photos.  Highlight was a toss-up between Call to Mind and Garden of Elks and I refuse to decide between them.  Low-point, ok not so much low but definitely silly, was security at The iWorks at the closing party happily allowing us into the pit for photos of Prides onstage yet going into LOCKDOWN at the pit ends for The DJ Set leaving the last photos of the day to come from the dance floor.  Fuck sake it was only McCrae and Weaver not Gellatly & Macdonald the black vinyl behemoths from last years closing party.  Bluebell Polka anyone ?

gonorthday2 (3)

Jamie set the bar high early in the evening……….game on !!

gonorthday2 (1)

We got into some Casual Sex right after the Ironworks acoustic session.  This is Pete the bass player discussing his taxi rank walk and hiccups from Wednesday night.

gonorthday2 (2)

Quick stop at HMV where The Whiskys were getting all acoustic for goNORTH before rocking out The Phoenix at night. I did miss a lot of the local acts but, hey, I shout and support all year round so goNORTHs my opportunity for seeing other acts from other places.  No apologies !!

gonorthday2 (4)

Plum at Hatters.  Later that same night I went on a mission with Shona to collect t-shirts for my daughter from a car in a multistorey carpark.  Thats the kind of crazy mixed up Aberdeenshirites that we are !!

gonorthday2 (5)

Behold, The Old Bear at The Room.  Nice set by the gents but they had to compete for Vic Galloways attention with a bizarre ritual at the bar involving a woman removing the zip-on legs from her mans trousers.  FFS !!

gonorthday2 (6)

Davey Horne had to compete with a fairly loud Auctioneers but his stuff sounded sound like, aye, sound

gonorthday2 (7)

Call to Mind with an Outsider in the background

gonorthday2 (8)

gonorthday2 (9)

The ‘nothing like Orange Juice’ Casual Sex

gonorthday2 (10)

Garden of Elks

gonorthday2 (11)

gonorthday2 (13)

gonorthday2 (14)

Prides onstage at the after party

gonorthday2 (15)

gonorthday2 (16)

Macdonald & Gellatly again (or is it ?)

gonorthday2 (17)


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