goNORTH Wednesday

Ok – here’s the other stuff.  Theres not a great deal from either day as I promised myself that unlike last year I wouldn’t run around like a blue-arsed fly between venues missing the craic for the sake of photos.  The Netsounds team and I put in a good few hours work during the day at the Ironworks – see here.  Come the evening we let what little hair we have left down, ever so slightly, and made sure we said hello, fit like, how the hell are you and howsitgaun etc etc to all the folk we know (in the case of Jamie Netsounds and the Scottish music biz that’s a fair whack of folk – I just hang around looking good.  Or.Something.Like.That…….Murrays usually the eye candy but he was otherwise engaged).

Fools On Patrol

Fools On Patrol

Highlight of the Wednesday had to be The Oxides. Low point was being treated like a bit of a mug at the Townhouse reception by a ‘hi-ranking’ goNORTH representative.  That fucked me off.  Definitely a ‘face-not-fitting’ scenario (or am I too sensitive these days….hehe)  Anyway, that aside, it was another cracking 2 days and even the sun made an appearance this year and stuck around for Rockness – almost made me want to go……….

Enough of my nonsense though – here’s some goNORTH images from Wednesday.  Loads more over here on faecesboke………………

gonorthday1 (1)

Jamie Ross of Call to Mind during an exclusive performance for Netsounds/houdidontblog at Eden Court.  A great start to proceedings for us.  Results will be up on Netsounds very soon.

gonorthday1 (3)

Red Ronson HQ at Ronsonanny as they prepare their media/marketing onslaught !!  I was busy telling some guy that he HAD to go and see them at 8pm in Hoots !!  It was his DUTY then he kindly pointed out that it was quarter to nine !!  EPIC RED RONSON GIG ATTENDANCE FAIL !!

gonorthday1 (4)

3 out of 4 of the lovely chaps that are Campfires in Winter – another epic gig attendance fail for the Thursday night.  An unfortunate clash of loyalties Im afraid.  Thats the ‘problem’ with goNORTH – too much good stuff and not enough time !

gonorthday1 (5)

The Book Group.  (formerly The Bad Books) Brilliant.  First band of the festival proper for me.  The only time I set foot in Blackfriars ever is once or twice at goNORTH.  Well worth it.  Reasons for that are a whole other story that involve big bands, waltzing, designated areas and pissed up and downright rude publicans.

gonorthday1 (6)

The Deadline Shakes 

gonorthday1 (7)

More genius marketing from Red Ronson – this is in the gents toilets alongside the other flyers on the condom machine.  Sex (and carnations) sells

gonorthday1 (8)

This Noisy Forest, the This Silent Forest remix band (aka Squirrel aka Graham aka Malkys sidekick for the event and vice versa)

gonorthday1 (9)

The Velveteen Saints played the Netsounds Arena at The Auctioneers.  The Auctioneers incidentally won the houdidontblog award for ‘most bizarre table placement’ of the festival.  If you were there then you know what I mean.  See The Oxides pics

gonorthday1 (10)

Love The Market 363 days of the year.  Hate it for goNORTH cos Im never there on time and its just a nightmare to get in with a camera.  Listened to Lionel from the stairs and this was a ‘reach around’ shot.  For once I retreated to the downstairs bar for some sanity.  Seriously !!  🙂

gonorthday1 (11)

Like I said…….busy……….

gonorthday1 (12)

And onto the main event !!  The Oxides take on that silly fucking table in The Auctioneers and, I feel, win !!  Epic performance as always.  Fucking brilliant !!  End of Day One for me as I sensibly did The Bus Wanker thing and headed for bed.  Another day, another plethora of bands to miss tommorow………..

gonorthday1 (13)

gonorthday1 (14)

gonorthday1 (15)

gonorthday1 (16)

gonorthday1 (17)

gonorthday1 (18)


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