New to Me: Shambles Miller

Ladies & Genteelmen, this months award (I do this every month then? Naw!) for most innovative marketing/advertising campaign that I cant show you here goes to……….drum roll……….another drum roll………Chris Tarrant/Davina Macall overly long pause…………..SHAMBLES MILLER !!

Now we’ve just had Shambles up here twice in the last month or so – Brew at the Bog and goNORTH.  I successfully missed both of these appearances mainly due to holiday, spewing all over the place and the goNORTH one was purely drink-leading-to-poor-navigation-of-the-timetable related issues !!  Twat !!  I did however have a short twitter conversation while voiding my stomach of all food on the eve of Brewbog where I attempted to aid Mr Millers navigation of Inverness hostelries.  Useful even in the grip of a lurgy !!  I digress  –  nae like me……..

Well Shambles has released a single, with a comic and the bit that I cant show you cos I dont know how to but Id love to is the Vine video he tweeted to announce the release of that there single, ‘Deadpool’.  Even though Im a serial non-attendee of his gigs to date, he has kindly sent me the single so that I may appear wordy, eloquent and knowledgable.  Well thats fucked then eh.  Me and Babydontblog had a blast of it this morning so here are some words and links – go and have a listen and show some support for some homegrown talent thats not just run of the mill – this man is entertaining in more ways than you can shake an entertaining stick at…….. (eh?)


Fitting too many words into short spaces in songs is a favourite thing of mine and as well as that this is fun, acoustic, comedy even but with a lovely lovely love song lovingly secreted within the quirky lyrics.  Me n the bairn like it a lot so that means it appeals to two ages that we know of so far today: 47 and 1 and a half.  (Im the elder of the two).  Listening to Mr Miller having a wee sing left me wondering (as I do from time to time) what his speaking voice would sound like.  I waited no longer than another minute or so to find out (I already knew cos of the Vine to be honest but stick with me….).  The other track on this here single release thang is a spoken word peice called ‘My Common Sense is Tingling’.  Witty and rather dark in places – bairn wandered off in search of a biscuit but I enjoyed it !!  Anyhoo – dont pay any attention to the shite I talk.  You need to go and find out for yourself so head over to Bandcamp and buy a physical copy of the CD – did I mention theres a comic………..




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