Netsounds Xmas Takeover

Quality tuneage last night up the Hatters.

And thats all I managed.  This is the lost post from December 2012 which should have featured photos of Kitty the Lion and Finding Albert. This was consigned to the ‘draft’ folder…….until now !

Twas the Netsounds Xmas do when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse – it was a bit carnagey – is that a word ?  Was I actually there………..6 months or so down the line here are the pictures the authorities tried to ban !!  (eh?)  The rest are a blurry mess !!  Holy fuck I was drunked !! A drunken night in Mad Hatters and 6 months later Kitty the Lion change their name to Blood Relatives. Coincidence ? Erm, probably to be honest……’s the photos…..

kittyxmas (1)

kittyxmas (2)


netsoundsxmas (2)

Jul-Z, Mur-C and Jam-E

netsoundsxmas (4)

A Fine Bromance

netsoundsxmas (6)

netsoundsxmas (8)

Jager #3 has kicked in !! It didnt last

netsoundsxmas (10)

netsoundsxmas (12)

An even finer Bromance

netsoundsxmas (14)

LIVIIIIIIIINGS !! Didnt even bother to shave for Xmas

netsoundsxmas (1)

“If I flap my arms like this the music goes faster……”

netsoundsxmas (5)

netsoundsxmas (7)

netsoundsxmas (9)

netsoundsxmas (11)

netsoundsxmas (13)

netsoundsxmas (3)

Merry Xmas Ya C**ts – Im Gan Hame !! Last picture of the night


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