New to Me: Teenage China

Email this week from young Ged Cartwright.  Geds the singer in a band.  That band is called Teenage China and thats what his email was all about.  Over to you Ged………..

Teenage China are a five piece, melodic post-hardcore band from the Scottish central belt. Formed in 2012, we set out with the aim of writing exciting, modern rock music inspired by some of the artists we love: Dance Gavin Dance, Thrice, Closure in Moscow, Alexisonfire, Glassjaw.

We began recording our entirely self funded, self recorded and self produced debut EP ‘Forth’ last December. The EP was released as a free digital download in May 2013 through Bandcamp. Off the back of this, we hope to establish a worldwide fanbase through internet promotion and a nationwide following through playing as many shows as we can.”

Image courtesy of Teenage China

Teenage China

Ged is joined in the band by Barry Topping (Guitar / vocals), Richard Fish (Guitar / vocals), Simon Watt (Bass / vocals) and my new favourite drummer, Francis Morgan (he also sings).  This is a young band who do what they do very well – accomplished axe-work (did I just say axe-work ?  I fucking did \M/……rawk), superb vocals (from everyone).  I now have an understanding of what ‘melodic post-hardcore’ is as a genre at least I do if this is it.  I like it – I likes it a lots !!

Another bonus about it is that its free.  It also has a song on it called doesawasphaveaface – wonderful !!  It was produced, engineered and recorded by Barry Topping, Richard Fish and Iain Beattie at Keeper’s Dome and The Sound Station.

Forth Cover

Listen to the EP, if you like it download it, go see them on faecesboke and give them your support.  Gottae look efter the young team eh !!  Mines already on the car stereo and will be used to fuel my mid-life crisis.  In my mind Im still 19.  In reality Im 19 stone !!  Rock the fuck on eh !!


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