Dram ?

I like a dram.  A nice single malt – Jura, Dalmore, Bowmore or a nice Bruichladdich or the like.  Smooth, some peaty but all designed to warm the cockles of your heart.

Then of course with the smooth comes the rough – the Grouse, the Scottish Leader, the Douglas, the Maclean, the Ronaldson, the Davidson, the Dunn. The last 4 or 5 designed, when mixed together in a dirty half pint glass to get your feet moving, yer head bobbing and, ultimately, your arse off your seat and birling about the room/bar/dancehall/farmhouse/festival tent.

whiskys (1)

That’ll be the new and improved Whisky River Band now known as The Whiskys cos they’re just too damned lazy to write River Band anymore.  I like that in a band.  They’ve lost one member and gained another.  New boy Grant Dunn on banjo and guitar takes over from Iain Duncan.  I went out to their new secret bunker at a secret Highland location to see them rehearse their secret set for the secret festival gig they have on the 4th May.  I can’t say anymore than that about Brew at the Bog or the rehearsal room at Bogbain.  Ach shite !!

Frasers rider is easy on the tummy

Frasers rider is easy on the tummy

Anyhoo – all sounding rather nice and the setlist is, well, set for the show – I wont reveal the songs (I wasn’t paying attention – I was too busy watching Mark ‘My Names Not Grant’ Williamson – driver, roadie, back up percussion, dancer – trying to set himself on fire with tealights !! )



whiskys (2)

whiskys (3)

whiskys (7)

whiskys (9)

whiskys (12)

whiskys (4)

whiskys (5)

whiskys (8)

whiskys (10)

whiskys (11)


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