Overmeer, Undermeer, Rumouring Free (bad bad wombles pun……sorry)


The recent email that  accompanied my copy of the new album stated that he’d spare me the ‘marketing spiel’.  How very kind of you Mr Overmeer and I shall return the sentiment by not talking a load of shit about your wonderful new release (for it is brilliantly brilliant in a brilliant and brillianter kind of way hmmmm).  I shall merely, as always, copy and paste the words wot you sent me (and many others).  It’s an affa well written press release so far be it from me to sully it with sweary fucking bits cos that’s what I do best.  Cuss – Im a cusser !!  Over to you Bruadar Music…………..tell it like it is………


A Scottish songwriter based in the Northwest Highlands, Duncan Overmeer is a captivating storyteller with light in his eyes, wrapping you in the warmth of his voice and offering an honest sound that draws you into the message at the heart of every song, making you feel like the only person in the room.


After releasing the “Five Songs EP” in late 2011, as well as the free download-only “Fireside” EP in 2012 (under lo-fi nom-de-guerre ‘Matchstick Maker’) Duncan has faithfully built an audience around the Highlands playing in churches, village halls, living rooms and bars alike, and is set to release his debut album “Rumour Mill” on 29th April 2013 through his micro-indie label Bruadar Records.  Eager to create a vibrant melting pot of sounds, Duncan gathered together a small group of musical friends from all corners of the country and brought them to a quiet studio tucked away in the hills for 3 days to record the album as a live makeshift band. Cut off from internet and mobile reception, they all lived together – sleeping in the studio at night and taking turns to cook meals – letting the song arrangements develop organically.

“It was an incredibly creative few days” says Duncan “Everyone knew the songs beforehand, but only a couple of the guys had previously played together and I deliberately left everyone to explore their own ideas before we all met up. It was a chaotic and wildly rewarding experience”. The result is a beautifully diverse, lush collection of tracks cut through with vivid emotion and honest intentions.

The artwork for the release has been a similarly collaborative and homespun effort amongst old friends. The initial CD release features limited edition screen-printed cases, handmade by Highland artist/printmaker Emma Noble with images adapted from original paintings by Edinburgh-based artist Kate Green. Duncan explains: “It’s a bit of a nod to rural industry that I find really inspiring… long worn traditions, the culture of the old ways. Things that survive still, but only in small pockets of the landscape.”

From the lyrically meandering beauty of ‘Words on The Walls’ and ‘For Those Who Sing…’ to the laid back folk-rock of ‘As Our Fathers’ or the cheerily cynical title track, ‘Rumour Mill’ is an album of gentle twists and turns to wrap yourself up in.

Cosy as fuck !!  (dammit).  Thanks for thinking of me, Duncan 🙂
A l b u m L a u n c h G i g
H o o t a n a n n y ’s  I n v e r n e s s , S u n d ay  2 8 t h A p r i l , 9 . 3 0 p m

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