Coffee, Cake and a Fash in the Key of Hoose

slimpans (3)

What an absolutely bloody marvellous afternoon of live music and craic me and Eviedontblog just had in Dingwall round at the rather comfortable Tea Posy.  Not a beer in sight and the only short is homemade shortbread !!  The Slim Panatellas provided the tunes while I was there and you couldn’t move for people just generally enjoying their Saturday afternoon.  Nice to see the Greenhouse/Tea Posy gang again – must visit more often.  I highly recommend it.  Great to shoot the shit with Mystic Ferg too.  Here are some images of those young whippersnappers The SP’s along with that old fella Hamlet Roberts guesting on banjo.  The wonder that is Fash Stewart also had a wee tinkle.   Aye on the ivories like……..  Alan Frew hit the stage for a few numbers and Mrs & Mrs McKeand of Highland Hot House also put in an appearance.  Crazy to think that this is an unlicensed premises on a Saturday afternoon positively jumping with music lovers enjoying coffee and cake.  Ok maybe not crazy – its reassuring to be honest.  The Ironworks tonight is a total sell out – it’s a darts event.  No disrespect to darts and fans of the sport but this is predominantly a music venue apparently…….  Hmmmm?  Ach ignore me – whaddoooooiknow.  Oh and I wish I could remember the SP’s song titles in full cos they had me pissing myself.  (I would miss you more but you never leave – something along those lines.  Proper C & W song titles)

slimpans (4)

slimpans (5)

You can find a few more shots of todays coffee morning in the afternoon here on the faecesboke page…………

slimpans (1)

Incidentally, The Tea Posy has lots of live music on at different times – check the faecesboke page for info.  Theres pretty much always a Saturday session on from 2- 4pm weekly though

slimpans (6)

slimpans (2)


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