New to Me: The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse

We receive many many emails and tea-chests of goodies (and baddies) here at Dontblog Towers.  Here is the content of an email received from the brilliantly bonkers and superbly monickered alternative indie-folk project, The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse.  How fucking brilliant is that name !!  We do do nutty so well here in Scotland.



How be yourself? Thought I might introduce myself and throw you a copy of my latest collection of songs entitled ‘Squawk!’ which was released yesterday. Myself is The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse, a one man band of sorts, although I often perform with one or two trusty backing hooves called The Wat Wat Kings. I’m based out west in a tiny village called Strathcarron, one of the Wat Wat’s is also from Strathcarron, the other is from Ardelve.

Myself and one of my backing hooves made a music video up on the Bealach Na Ba a couple weeks ago, it was a real no-budget effort, no film crew, just a camcorder on a tripod that we moved around and a mobile phone in a cereal bowl as our sound system.

Also, I’ll be performing a Gaelic track, ‘Seas Air Do Chorra-Bhiod’, with the Wat Wat Kings on BBC Alba’s RAPAL TV later this week, March 7th @ 10pm to be precise. It’s my first attempt at Gaelic so please be gentle. We’ll return to RAPAL TV on April 25th to perform, ‘Danger Danger’ and ‘Blame You Blame You’. 
Anyways, I suppose that’s enough of my dribble, I hope you enjoy what I throw down. Have yourself a splendiferous morning / afternoon / evening. 
Now that put a smile on my face.  Aye the words and the music.  That’s how to promote your band.  Make us grumpy old buggers bloggers smile 🙂
I shall say no more – go to the website and check out the wonder of Ramisco !!
Please excuse the formatting on this post – WordPress has decided to be a shithead today and fuck me about.  I’m about to pour a pint of blackcurrant cordial in there and call the insurance company.  Tense !!

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