A Tap Dancing Eagle Takes a Tumble (bear with me…..)

Just another Saturday night in Inverness

Just another Saturday night in Inverness

I was pumped, stoked and generally rather excited at the prospect of heading to the Eagle Tavern (Upstairs at) on Saturday evening there.  Anyone who knows me will be aware of my utter fanaticism when it comes to anything to do with tap dancing and the family history of Justin Fletchers alter ego Mr Tumble so you can imagine my pant wetting and frankly fucking hysterical reaction when I found out that both Lionel Blair and a Tumble was to appear locally.  My head exploded when I found out that Mr Tumbles trainrobbing cousin was coming all the way from Brazil to talk of his exploits in the Great Chuggington Robbery.  You can then imagine my utter devastation when I realised it wasn’t trainrobber, Biggs Tumble who was on at the Eagle but instead it was some fucking band from Fort William called The Big Stumble who were on and they were supporting local fellas Lionel so no camp bastard jigging about in a sink either !!  Bollocks !!


Christ – for all the size of it that load of shite took about 2 days to dream up !!  It is actually hard work being me sometimes.

Right – Lionel and The Big Stumble.  Upstairs at the Eagle.  Same weekend as Scooty and the Skyhooks play an ‘added due to popular demand’ date and MV Festival in Aviemore as well as Stetsonhead, Little Kicks and 1930’s round on Church Street.  Was always gonna be a quietish one.  Turned out to be a paid practice for the bands to be honest which is a shame as those who did venture upstairs were treated to an evening of nudity, swearing, ballet demonstrations, reasonably priced beers and some good honest rock n fucking roll !!

stumble (1)

stumble (2)

The Big Stumble are led by 25 year old guitar prodigy, George Rodger (ok he was about 25 years ago).  Unmistakable with his long, flowing mane (again 25 years ago) George plays every gig in his trademark slippers.  An old mate of many (too many?) years it’s always a joy to see what he’s coming up with next.  TBS are a no-nonsense, no apologies rock n funk n roll  covers band who are slipping in more and more of their original music which sits nicely alongside the covers.  Stuff like Another Day and Lifelong Story from Georges back catalog are given new life with Jillian Andersons vocal along with the Audioslave-a-like Dont You Dare – oooooochafucker the lassie can sing !!

stumble (5)

A buttered scone, recently

stumble (4)

If at all possible please refrain from fucking with the follicaly challenged

stumble (3)

A few more heads ventured up in time for local chaps, Lionel, set.  Thankfully, like The Big Stumble, lack of audience doesnt affect performance and Lionel kicked arse.  Missed them at Hatters recently so glad I hung about on Saturday and fucked the Bus Wanker Adventure off.  Josh, Ross and Sean are tight as a ducks bahookie and I hope to see more of the lads over the coming months (aye in general, gigging etc not naked or that you smutty bastids)


lionel (1)

lionel (5)

Second or third time Ive climbed the stairs at The Eagle and no complaints so far.  Always a warm welcome and theres certainly no shortage of live music there (its a live music venue you twat – what did you expect ? macrame ?).  More stuff from the Eagle so far this year can be found here along with other shots from Saturdays gig

lionel (3)

lionel (4)

lionel (2)

Packed Oot

The Final Stumble


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