Wash Yer Mooth Oot………………

……………and Brush Your Tongue obviously !!

russian ninjas

What the fuck am I on about ?  Well Ill tell you. Those nice chaps from Fort William, Russian Ninjas have released into the wild some new music.  Its called Brush Your Tongue and is available for free download from the link below.  I have a soft spot for anything Fort Bill related as Ive left massive chunks of my liver and other internal organs strewn on the floor of the Maryburgh and other such dens of fine dining and cocktails.  One of which sees them kick off their wee tour – BA Club tommorow in the Fort – fuck me I have little or no memory of any of the many times Ive attended that gaff.  We can expect them at Mad Hatters on or around Feb 22nd (exactly 22nd to be honest).


Ive got bugger all more recent photowise but you know me – any excuse to post a pic from the archives.  Fingers crossed (and work permitting) Ill make it along to get some new photothangs at Hatters.  In the meantime go and get yer download and pass it on  🙂



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