Plum, no Lionel, hello to the Stumble and stop bothering the busy people……..dont mention the Dot or the bus

Well the evening didnt start well and although it got lovely and happy in the middle and then ended on a bit of a downer (for me at least).

plum (5)

Buses.  Fucking hate having to rely on them at the best of times so standing around for 20 minutes in the freezing cold for a late one left me less than pleased.  Grrrrr.  Bastids.  Straight to The Room to say hello to The Big Stumble.  My old mate George Rodgers new combo were entertaining in there tonight but due to a clash and a tiny window of oppurtunity I only managed to say “hi”.  I will try and catch them at The Eagle when they return on March 2nd.


Nextly came Mad Hatters for the wonderful and brilliant Shona Maguire AKA Plum.  Did my usual and nipped up during the soundcheck – always appreciate the Hoots staff and sound guys allowing me this little privilege.  Not tonight however – tail between my legs I was asked to bog off and let the soundman get on with it.  I realise Im a fucking distraction with that infernal camera.  Apologies for that – I will of course check in future on the level of welcomness – shouldve asked, usually do, didnt last night – oops 😦  .

plum (2)

plum (4)

Met up with Netsounds and we discussed more of DotGate – unfortunately an in-joke which, if I were to explain in any more detail, would get me into hot water with either Murray Netsound or some Asian chap on Twitter.  Anyhoo – much hilarity ensued until I recieved some utterly shit news which ripped the wind out of my sails just before Plum took the stage so my photos are a little lacklustre from the actual performance.

plum (3)

plumtune (1)

plum (1)

Poor Plum was dogged by sound/technology issues from the outset – bloody shame – but like a true pro she smiled and laughed her way through it.  My head at this point was up my arse so Im not going to do Shona a disservice by blabbering on about her set.  Im a massive fan so thoroughly enjoyed it – ticked all the boxes for me but it was always going to – bonkers glitches and gremlins or not.  Didnt hang about for Lionel – hope to catch them again very soon but I hear good good things from people whos opinion I value greatly so looking forward to my first taste of them.

There ya go – bit of a pisspoor report there folks but thats how it goes some nights eh…………….have a tune and a photo and go and like faecesboke pages and all the other stuff THAT YOU MUST DO – GO !!

Normal service will be resumed the next night everything goes to plan




[ this post was written while raising a glass to the memory of Mrs T xx ]

plumtune (2)


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