Sweeny Didnt Show Up – Good Job Anna Was There………

Well that was a thoroughly nice wee evening out on the soda water and limes.  The demon drink had no bearing on my, frankly, quite frantic evening given the style of music that I saw which was predominantly easy-going acoustic.  I on the other hand was running round town like a chicken which still had its head but just wasnt very fit.  Yeah – gave the Bus Wanker bit a miss for a change and took the dontblogmobile into the Heart of Schneck to see some pretty fucking talented young lady and gentlemen.

First stop was Furry Vengeance HQ deep inside Mount Furryvenge which, of course, has their 4 heads carved into the cliffs a la Mt Rushmore.

A hastily thrown together artists impression of Mt Furryvenge.  I was of course blindfolded till I got there hence no photographic evidence of the edifice exists

A hastily thrown together artists impression of Mt Furryvenge. I was of course blindfolded till I got there hence no photographic evidence of the edifice exists

furry (3)

Tonight they had transformed their lair into an exact copy of Upstairs at the Eagle.  Uncanny it was.  I was swiftly plugged into the sound desk – remotely I may add – and handed headphones.   Its like fucking Batmans toy cupboard in there.  No wonder drummer Calum is known as NASA – sound levels and the like all controlled from iphones and ipads using apps – fuck me.  Silver suits and fillet steaks in pill form will be next along with hover boards.  It’s futuristically furry round there !!  Thanks for having me chaps – look forward to hearing you without the aid of headphones.  Remember GET A BANNER !!  Hehehe

furry (2)

furry (1)

furry (4)

Hootananny was my main destination of the evening as I had been intrigued by a young lady from Ayr by the name of Anna Sweeney – THATS SWEENEY.  Take note Hoots signwriters – now do you get the post title, eh eh – I’m not as cryptic as you think sometimes.  Its like the Da Vinci Code – it all becomes apparent in the end eh eh eh.  Bloody genius me I tells ya.

annasweeney (1)

Anna had featured in Jamie ‘I wear salmon pink shirts and I’m proud of it‘ Netsound and Murray ‘listen to bands that don’t even exist yet‘ Netsounds top something or other number for this year what that we are into being in right now – all very confusing but the upshot is they featured a track, I listened and thought Id like to see that live.  Very nice it was too.  Anna is but a slip of a girl but her voice is rich and soulful and belies her young years (that’s as close to me reviewing and getting all fucking wordy about stuff – I leave that to the wordy ones out there).  Her voice is rich and soulful though and its very easy on the ears but still retains a real Scottish identity – love it.  (I can guarantee if you check our downstairs lavvy/study you will find a Q Magazine in which someones has mentioned someone having a ‘rich and soulful’ voice – betcha.  I’m a plagiarizing bastard.  Hey, I take photos not write and I’m not even that good at that.) Not even the sight of party hats arriving put her off – a lesser mortal might have gone head down at the thought of fighting for attention over a works doo but not Ms Sweeney.  Good work Madam.  Have some of this…………………

annasweeney (2)

Just as striking played solo with only her own acousticy guitar thingy to accompanify her (I’m not good with technical stuffage).  Id love to see the whole band.  Murray tells me its awfy good too.

Sprint time !! Market Bar !!  Young Dylan Tierney was also standing on a stage in front of people doing his thing with one of them woody stringed gittar things.  He had a young gent with a box sitting next to him which is no mean feat if you’ve ever seen the Market stage.  Dylan is another youngster whos music and voice gives the impression of someone older – gravelly at times his vocal has a celtic lilt to it as do the songs.  Good rousing stuff.


A hint of the Mike Scotts or even a more tuneful Shane Macgowan in there.  Id like to see him front a band of that ilk – hes got the voice for sure.  Now I apologise as I only stayed for 3 – audience was lapping it up.  Much love for the youngster in HQ tonight.  Back to the Ananny de la Hoot. Can I just say that a soda water and lime for the Car Wanker in Hoots was £1.40 and only 80p in the Market.  #justsayinlike

Little Kicks are a band I’ve yet to see live ( I think – you never know) but are on the list now after seeing their frontman – a good Eberdeen loon – Steven Milne kicking out a little set of strong, rich, soulful tunes (see what I did there, kicks !  little!  More of that genius.  And rich and soulful.  There really is no beginning to my talents).  He even managed to nash a Fleetwood Mac cover in there which fitted like a glove and by the time he hit the first chorus Id forgotten it was a Mac classic.  Good work fella.  Roll on March and we get a blast of Little Kicks up in Hatters.

steven (2)

steven (1)

Bish Bash Bosh – quick turnaround.  Thats the beauty of 3 acoustic acts – nae messin aboot. Mr Iain Mclaughlin and you’ve guessed it…….rich and soulful.  Aw fuck – indulge me eh.  They’re my words for the day.  They do however describe Iains voice fairly well I reckon.  (Do they?  Fuck knows – I just know what I like.)  Iain is prepping for the next album so this was a wee ‘filler’ gig.  Had a good blether with him earlier in the evening so expect interesting things in the coming months.  3 songs in and it was time for Car Wanker to hit the road – sorry Iain.  I left Murray, who was also on the soft drinks,  in charge and headed for the hills.  Nice to see Mr Robertson looking a bit healthier too.  Cracking Wednesday night all round Id say.

iain (3)

iain (2)

iain (1)

In conclusion – I enjoyed all the music I saw tonight.  Twas good to see Barry and Ryan with a rhythm section behind them and I look forward to seeing Anna and Steven fronting their respective bands.  Dylan !!  Lets see you with a wee band-like set up at some point – could be interesting.  Right – time to shut the fuck up and finish these photos etc etc etc etc.  Remember folks – always chew your food !!

Thanks to Ms SweenEy for this.  Note the balls up on Iains surname too - I reckon it was the evenings theme.....

Thanks to Ms SweenEy for this. Note the balls up on Iains surname too – I reckon it was the evenings theme…..


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