The List To End All Lists. The Numbers Don’t Lie I Tells Ya

Ok this is it – its the big one – fuck all those other lists cos THIS IS THE SHIZZLE LIZZLE FO SHO !!

All the numbers that were any kind of numbers throughout 2012 are here in all their glory so counting down from number 10 here are the team here at dontblogs bestest fucking numbers from the year that was TWENTEEEEFUGGINTWELVE.  No Radio One DJs from the 70’s have been involved in this chart……….oh hell no !

10. Sitting pretty at #10 comes the ever popular No.5

09. A non-mover here at #9 – No.3

08. Bizarrely at #8 is…….. No.8

07. Bit of an anti-climax at #7 where we find No.1

06. More rubbish at #6 with No.4

05. More of the same at #5 with No.6

04. No.9, Booyakasha, check out maaaaaa nine !!

03. No.7 sitting ugly and angular at #3

02. At #2 we be rocking the No.10, innit



01. And at one comes No.2.  The best of all the numbers for last year – there was a massive amount of it flying about from some quarters but, hey, lets face it everyone loves a good No.2



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