Xmas Time, Mistletoe, Wine, Red Nosed Reindeers. Quality Street, Twiglets and a Kazoo

Yes indeed – tinselarama up at Scorguiuiguiugiuguiugiue last night.  Marion ‘radiowifie’ Scott up at good old Moray Firth Radio had invited a few of our talented locals (and me and Des) to come up to the studio and do a bit of Xmassy warbling.  Great fun.  I stupidly took the car therefore missed out on Des’ wonderful looking vat of mulled wine.  Dammit – I shall be better prepared next year – but I had valuable items to transport, a ukulele and kazoo.  If you heard the show you’ll know what that’s all about……….twas great fun !!

The likes of Sara Bills & the Hasbeens, Toby Micheals Rolling Damned, Whisky River Band, Team Kapowski, Iain Mclaughlin & the Outsiders, Ashley & the Cosmonaughts and Woodentooth all fielded players this evening along with our own wee solo artist Megan Blyth who represented herself.  All brought their own take on Xmas and belted out a raucous(ish) version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer complete with Iain Mclaughlin in charge of ad-libs.

Heres one or two snaps and a video or three.  More photos over here on the faecesboke page !!

Thanks Marion – hope Santas ace to you and Des 🙂


Man with Wookelele






5 minute carol call





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