Louis Balfour would have said “Hello, and welcome to Jazz Club, tonight, Meeshelle. Mmmmm. Nice!”

…….and of course pinged his fag into the audience !!


So Im on a festive hiatus.  You cant remain on hiatus when one of your mates is playing their debut gig in Mad Hatters though – that would be just simply rude !!  I even managed to make it to The Eagle Bar for the first time but couldnt stay long as I had hoped to catch Wee Jimmy Mackenzie in the Market all electrimified.  His soundcheck sounded ace so hopefully the gig went well.  Unfortunately for this bus wanker all of the timings were just shite so I carried on to my intended destination and watched Michelle Newell and Anthony Standing  (of The Leonard Jones Potential fame) play a wonderful set of chilled out, jazzy funky stylings.  Possibly too chilled for Hatters on a Xmas Party Saturday but that didnt deter those that really wanted to listen.  Sounded great – enough waffle – heres some pics and other stuff……….get over to the faecesboke page and give the lassie some support !!


Excuse the tossers in the background.  More photos from the gig can be found here




JP Cooper

Final act of the night was Mancunian JP Cooper – click on the pic to find out more 


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