The Real Maciver

Wee bit gutted as Id hoped to get some of Paul John Macivers songs up on here for you to listen to but are stuck in 2005 or something and don’t support Reverbnation widgets – wank I know but that’s the deal !!  That’s where the songs are so we be fucked.   You’ll have to make do with a couple of shots from Paul and I’s wee wander about town today and a link to the tunes. The tunes are wonderful.  I’ve been bitching on recently about there being too many acoustic singer/songwriters kicking about these days – I get bored easily.  Pauls songs have reminded me what its like when this stuff is done really, really well.


Now based in the large urban settlement known as Glasgow he will be home for Xmas and you can catch the Parmaviolet live at Hootananny on Boxing Day which this year falls on 26th December – who knew eh.  Go and show him some support or be like me and go and do a late shift at work.  Go and have a pint – you’ll be gagging for one after all that turkey and fucking about with Lego and pointless mini ipads or looking for a decent film to snooze to……….

maciver (4)

maciver (1)

Plan for the next shoot is to fill Falcon Square with line dancers and do a gangnam style thaaaaaaaaaaang yeeeehaaaaaw etc – no really !!

maciver (5)

maciver (3)

maciver (2)


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