For Those About to Ross……..WTF: The Final”

Before the scaling down of this heap of bullshit and images takes place proper it would be rude of me to not post this.  I hassled this young man over and over to answer ‘the question’ and he answered it initially with many many things that I could not post – many secrets which will become apparent over the next year or so.  Holy Grails, Da Vinci Codes and Loch Ness Monster sightings to one side what I have here will be the last ever in the WTF series (for the time being right now at the moment for now)
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the hardest working man I know………
Mr Ross ‘Dont Stop Me Now Ya Bastard’ McEwen what the fucking hell are you rocking and metalling about at on Mount McEwen, you rocking metally metalrocker ???



Well at present for the remainder of 2012 I shall be sat in a recording studio finishing guitars for the new ROADWAY CD and making sure that sounds as awesome as possible before we send it off to Germany to be mixed and mastered in the new year.

As well as that I have been asked to be a major part in a terrific and huge project in the US to co-write and perform on an upcoming solo album from a very well known classic rock singer, who I am also a huge fan of. This is by far the biggest opportunity I have ever had the chance to be part of. It will be a worldwide release on a rock label (all will be revealed in time) and the bulk of recording will take place in Las Vegas with some being done in San Francisco and god only knows where else….oh yes Inverness Scotland of course :p with the way technology is at the moment I will be writing via email with the vocalist and recording my guitar parts here for the album and send them to him to piece into the album. Great times ahead!!


Tour wide I am gearing up to hit the road in March with Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell formerly of BAD COMPANY & Friends, a great new project involving myself and some other guys from ROADWAY and Dave Colwell who played in BAD COMPANY for a long time. Together we will be performing a 10 date tour of Scotland in March with a set of Bad Co, Free, some of his solo stuff and a few ROADWAY tracks. The biggest tour I’ve been a part of and certainly will be one of the greatest sets I will have had the pleasure ot performing! Tour dates will be announced before the end of November!!….it’ll be nice to have proper hotel rooms for a change on tour and not always have to go to the local swimming baths for a shower….oh the life, OH THE LIFE!!


I also have operation #5 coming up for my leg, it’s been a very testing last few months with progress being made at great pain expense but pain and I seem to be familiar foes now so I very grateful for the amazing work the physios are doing with me, I’m in the gym/pool 5 times a week and trying all I can to be in physically the best condition I can for this very VERY long and hard recovery that lays ahead of me, I’ve lost just over 3 stone since the crash in May, time will tell but favour fortunes the few so here’s hoping I qualify for lady luck’s attention!


I can’t really say much else other than that regarding musical happenings etc but I can say there will be a storm of ROADWAY dates throughout 2013, in the UK and beyond, I will be touring with other artists and perhaps a lot more work related to this US album project, here’s hoping this limping highland geetar player can keep up with it!


I’d like to also thank Schecter Guitars, Blackstar Amps and Rock-n-Roll Gangstar clothing for their support and looking forward to a very prosperous 2013 working with them and representing some fine brands and the ladies & Gents behind them!




 Ross Mänson McEwen, BA (Hons)

Associate Lecturer / Senior IEG Tour Manager

BA (Hons) Commercial Music Degree Programme

School of Creative and Cultural Industries”

In the words of Brian Johnson ‘For those about to Rock, We Salute You’.  Cheesy as fuck I know but nae luck.  Ross and his cohorts at Roadway and every other project hes involved in are already rocking the shit out of whatever there is that comes along asking for its shit to be rocked out.  Salutes, hi-5’s, chest rubs, Indian head massages and Jack fucking Daniels all round indeed !!  Just head to Ross’ website here and youll find all the links, tunes and info you need to fill a pair of spandex trews eleventy times over !!  Great Mustards Lapels !!!!!  Thats me – all done – chow for now  🙂



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