Have Pickfords been for those paintings yet……….

………NO but Moving Pictures are playing Mad Hatters in a matter of weeks !!

Who the fuck are Moving Pictures I hear you ask (I don’t – it’s just a turn of phrase so if you’re busy saying to yourself “I’m not asking that and would never swear anyway” then I apologise for any confusion.)

Debut gig setup at Ceol-Mor complete with obligatory CM Blackboard/Darts Scoring System

Moving Pictures are, and these are their own words……”a Scottish 3-piece RUSH tribute band, dedicated to their classic sound of the 70s and early 80s”.  If you’re a fan of the Canadian Rawk Behemoth that is Rush then this is as close as you’ll get to the real thing this side of the pond.  I saw their debut gig which they played up here at Ceol-Mor.  That was November 2010 – 2 years on and they’re bigger (not really – still just 3 of them), better, they may be faster and stronger but definitely have new shoes, strings and haircuts !!

NowDO NOT let the fact that guitarist Steves other job is one of Scotlands finest wedding-based musical duos, Wonderland, or that drummer Mark used to play in an Abba Tribute band in the Balearics put you off.  This tribute band is the bollocks !!  Note for note – beat for beat – it’s all there. These guys are playing the stuff that Rush themselves no longer play and they play it well.  I shall say that there is only ONE Geddy Lee so bear that in mind.  Keith does a sterling effort but nobodys hitting those high notes unless a) you’re a Bee Gee or Mariah Carey or b) you’ve had some form of surgery down there (no disrespect to anyone intended)

Theres plenty of bumph about them here and here.  Give them a listen and a look.  If you’re into Rush or late 70’s rock in general then this could possibly be the best tenner you’ve spent all year !!  6th December upstairs in Hootananny.  £10 per head plus the small price of a pint if you happen to notice me at the bar – Black Isle Porter, ta


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