WTF Mark……….. ?? That question again………..

Another mammoth reply – I like mammoth replies !!  I pretty much always try to feature artists I’ve taken photos of – that’s the point of a photoblog I guess – but I felt I couldn’t leave our local technodanceoverlordsuperiorbeing out of the loop just cos we havent got a studio visit together yet.  Its been on the cards but by reading on you’ll see why it’s so fucking difficult to pin Mark Mackenzie and Liam Macleod down to point cameras at.  Soon !!

In the meantime I shall ask the question……

Mark Mackenzie, what the lightstick-and-white-gloves have you been up to then…….?

Ok, well basically I’m involved in a few projects at the moment. That being Them & Us, Mackz, Dounreay Beach Party and my production for other artists such as KRTS, Ema Sierra and Paul Scott. 

Justice Never Sleeps is the only link Ill post – fairly sure you can find your way about from there……….

Under Them & Us we have the Neon Lights EP released on November 26th with an EP launch at the Ironworks on December 6th and a few other Scottish dates on their way.

Mackz is my solo project and has been for around three or four years now. It was going really well and I was getting some great release opportunities but I took my foot of the accelerator so to say to focus on Them & Us but I’m starting to work my way back into it with a number of remixes and originals leaking out here and there. My plans for Mackz is to get back to making fun, weird and completely fucked up tracks. Right now I have an EP on the sideline called the ‘Trompet EP’ that I seem to never finish adding to (previews on my soundcloud), I hope sometime soon I’ll just grow some balls and release it. A number of good labels have showed their interest in it which was a complete surprise to me! Another thing about Mackz is I have never actually worked in Inverness under the name, everyone would bill me as Mark Mackenzie and so Mackz seemed to be lost on most people unless your from the depths of the internet or a fourteen year old who likes Skrillex and Knife Party remixes.

I’ve got a number of gigs coming up with Mackz/Mark Mackenzie, first one is supporting Ado for our very own Justice Never Sleeps night – I’m really proud of this one because it’s our own night but also because I’ve been a big fan of Ado and seen him play Cake last year which was fucking cracking! – After that I have Devlin and Jack Beats at the Ironworks – The Devlin gig (30th Nov) I’ll be acting as DJ support for my long time musical friend KRTS and Jack Beats (22nd Dec) I cannot wait for, especially since they are responsible for shaping my early musical influences.

Sorry Houdi this is turning into a fucking book!

As for the other projects, I’ve been getting involved in producing songs for vocalists to work on and release as their own. I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon some amazing singers through soundcloud that seem to go almost unnoticed yet they have the talent to top or match any singer in the charts. Those being singers like Emma Hay, Ema Sierra and Zoe Philips all of them have been kind enough to lend the use of their voices to tracks I’ve worked on myself or with KRTS.

And lastly I’ve been keeping a project fairly secret. Dounreay Beach Party is still in its founding stages but already I’ve had some great feedback from DJ’s, Promoters and keen listeners. It was almost an experiment for me not only in how I produced the music (Played guitar, recorded natural sounds etc) but I wanted to create and grow a musical profile without using the help of any contacts I had gained or any friends. To do that I needed to keep people from knowing it was me so I went about adding local producers, promoters, bloggers etc. It was really funny seeing how people threw guesses about, at first I heard people saying it was Louis from Count Clockwork. It also showed how not knowing the person behind the music can change your perspective of what your listening to. If people had known it was me they would have instantly suggested that I was a one trick electro pony and wouldn’t give it two listens yet DBP is actually a completely different side of electronic music than what I’m known for and straight away the feedback I got was to stick at this new sound.

I’ve a lot of things in the pipeline for Dounreay Beach Party. I’ve been working on a live set using completely original sounds, and I’ve been trying my hand at venturing into live visuals also. There is even a neon face make-up like the Artwork to go with the performance but I don’t know If I want to take it that seriously yet! Not giving too much away at the moment but there will hopefully be a chance for people to see this project live early next year.

So that is pretty much it! I’m sorry I’ve written a tonne of shit their haha but better to give you all the details to work with even if you want to only write something short!
If you need any links, photos, music etc let me know and I’ll send you over them asap.




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