Question Time…….again…….wtf ?

Hmmmm – now that Ive said Im winding the WTF stuff up the floodgates appear to have opened – ok maybe not floodgates as such but theres a few more coming in under the wire in the old WTF series so I shall haud er chappin for the time being till I run out of peoples input.  Fair enough ?  On we go then……..


First up is the wonderful and very very famous Matt ‘its not its Fraser Whiskyband’ Cardle – what the fucking x-factor have you been twatting about at recently…? (and fair play to him, this reply came via text message !!  Talk about creating work for yersel)

“What am I up to now???? 
Since all my lookalike work has dried up I decided to just get a normal job with normal people. So here I am all normal and that. As far as music goes I ain’t even taken ma guitar out of its case which has been fucking ace to be honest. A nice wee break is always good. I did do an acoustic show few weeks back at the ironworks with The Whiskys minus 2 members  but was still as mad as any gig I’ve played to date. That might have something to do with legolegs jumping about with The Whiskettes or whatever theyre called. Looking to dec now and our 2 fucking mint hog shows to play. 1 at The northern meeting park alongside Big Country and other bands that I ain’t researched to find out who  they are as yet and the other at Bogbain Farm my fav venue up here in the heelands. I reckon if u go to both of these gigs u will prob have a better time than most coz we know how to have a proper party! Recording album no.2 in January with John Strachan and no doubt play some more bonkas gigs. Chuffies all round for everyone. Yeeee. Mr tumble police siren helmet society!”

Donald ‘New Soul City’ McColl, who what where when and why are you and other etc really ?

thanks for asking. i’m still fucking about with creativity. : )”

Hes an eloquent bastard !!  NEW SOUL CITY DESIGN

Incase youre wondering – this is what Donald does……

Barry ‘I do that thang with Ryan’ Mackay, Im asking you, Im asking you, I AM ASKING YOU…….what the fuck are you up to now ?

What the fuck we’re up too now…..

…..Well I said I would never start another band……… eh well I may have lied
Myself and Calender Boy Ryan Golder have added Andrew Stewart aka “The Badger” to our line up on bass and Calum Macrae aka “nasa” on drums.
Both new boys are really sound and things are going well, so really enjoying been in a full band again.

We got ourselves a cool we rehearsal gaff away from were we can offend people with our noise. The music will be a pretty much a take on what myself and Ryan have been doing so far but with lots more noise, so less gay and more noisy. There will be a couple of new tracks added to the set list and the medley has been fine tuned.

We have already secured ourselves a place at the IPO Liverpool for next May and will be making our debut as a band December this year at some point – dates to be announced.

The name of the band is Furry Vengance – its the name of a porn film that Ryan may have been involved in allegedly but the rest of the lads are happy with it and I couldn’t give a hoot what we are called as long as we are sounding good which so far is looking good.

That’s were we are at for the moment, cheers houdi 😀:D

Hey there Davy Cowan, what the fuck are you up to now…..?

“We’ll here goes.

Just back from a tour of Germany. I had 8 gigs over 10 days, took keyboard player Alan Leckie with me, he was the keyboard player on my recent album “The Journey”. (amazing artwork…..)

This was my 3rd visit to Germany this year. Been back & fore there now several times over the years both in the past with my band “Coinneach” & more recently with my new band “The Storm Chasers” I seem to be doing a lot more solo tours now though as this works out better logistically. 

The dates went really well, playing in a varied selection of venues from Pubs, Coffee houses to small Theatres & C.. ommunity halls, all organised by friends & people I’ve met along the road, which is great as you end up playing in places that are of the beaten track, which makes for some interesting travels…. One venue was a Whiskey bar in Limburg which boasts the largest stock of single malt Scotch whiskey in Germany over 650 kinds of malt! Amazing I had to go to Germany for an education on something that’s brewed on our own shores….

Been working on some new songs over the past year & planning some demo recordings soon with a view to releasing my 3rd album sometime next year. Really happy with the way the new songs are developing & also reworking some acoustic versions of the old Coinneach stuff as well.

I have a busy schedule coming up over Christmas & New Year, with most gigs taking place in the Highlands. Will be finishing of the year playing at the Hogmanay Bash at Johnny Foxes in Inverness with my party band “The Crash Banjo’s”. I am releasing my Christmas song “Oh Little Town” which will be available as a free download from my website also please check out the video for the song which was filmed on location around Ross-Shire.
Hope this is ok Al,
All the best,

Hello there young Colin ‘Boosty Jyrojet whos solo now’ Fraser – what the breedy fuck are you up to now bey ????

I am watching mr tumble with the mini-me that fell out of my fiancée. What a hero he is. Mr tumble I mean..never gurny or pissed off or that – always chuffed to bursting point!!! he has another show called ‘giggle bits’ that is ace as well. ‘Justin’s house’ is not as good but I still watch it rakes!!!

Also I signed a 9 song publishing deal thing with DeWolfe music in the U.S and I’ve got a company pitching songs to the Asian market as well so hopefully that will be good or that….also doing guitar lessons and producing/recording the odd band….but mainly watching and singing along to mr tumble…gosh he’s good:)


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