I love Jake !!  I do – proper man-love.  I send him an email with a wee question on it and he goes out and does a full Q -style interview of his own band.  (Ok Graham Norton-style at the very least.  Ok so he got Archie to say stuff – Duffs off in search of the Eternal Drum Tuning Key).  So I shall now shut up and hand you over to the Jake Bolt Experience………….

Dood molnin, what’s cookin troops?!

Are ya’s well? Good, good! I’m chuffed.  

Right, enough idle craic, let’s get on with this..

That is a good question Houdi bey! What the fuck AM I up to now??
Well, obviously being out of a rehearsal room since our juicy Ironworks Summer Showcase gig in August has kinda stopped us in our tracks a bit. Which is a total pisser, losing momentum at such an early stage of a bands life. I’m missing it like fuck! Dirty like!
However, I have still been writing in the background and that, plus we’ve all of a sudden got a number of options for a rehearsal space… It never rains but it proper shits it down eh?! 

I asked R Archie what he’s saying for himself and this is what he wrote…

‘Well at the moment I’m in the all balls out rock/indie unit that is the oxides (eh?). But personally I’ve been making a lot of mellow solo bass stuff, occasionally using a phrase looper and occasionally not. In the future I can imagine I might venture into some kind of funk freak out group, that will try and combine all the different aspects of my musical palate.’

Woah, woah!! Here mun, ‘funk freak out group’? No you shall not!! (call me, Archie, houdi)
Till death do us part. Fud brothers.
What a weird man you are Archie! “Mellow solo bass stuff”??
What a total tattie!! Haha! A good one like but a tattie nonetheless! 😉
Fair play tho son!

I did ask Duff for a wee bit for this but through the week, he’s barely contactable.

I know it woulda went suheen like, wanting to buy new drum stuff but not getting round to it, some hilarious anecdotes about his random escapades at the weekend, and the age old chestnut about him wanting to get his drum kit tuned. Classic Duffmun!
If he gets in touch before I send this off, you’ll be reading it straight from the horse’s text, so to speak. If you can still read this, then he hasn’t.  

Right then,
What’s next then? I’m not totally sure yet, first things first…
Rehearsals are most imminent. In fact I’m going to see a place to rehearse in a matter of hours (well, by the time you read this, that will be history), so I’m just looking forward to strapping on my Fender Stratocaster, turning on all my pedals, turning the amp up to 12 and making a fucking beautiful racket. I’m pretty much righting off November now for gigging. I just wanna get us super tight and impressive, learn some of this ever growing catalogue of songs that we have and maybe a couple new covers and that… Just for the craic like! Just want to try and keep The Oxides as fun as possible, but also as professional as possible… If there is such a way?! Then hopefully, get a few gigs for December and proper go for it from January after we get that bonkers bit of the year over with. ‘Ere mun! Any gigs like?!

So anyway, see you all in December!
Cue the loud guitar, crashing drums, going batshit crazy, seemingly drunken stumbling, me hangin and my gift to you, the force of nature that is Archie.

Jake Bolt (singer)

P.s. Don’t phone an ambulance, I’m like that after every gig. Proper exhausted… HANGIN!
Worry not, I’ll spew it off.”


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