Bus Wanker goes home early…………..

Yeah !!! I made it home !!! I travelled by bus !!  Public fucking Transport !!!

It was an experiment of sorts – an adventure perhaps.  I wanted to give myself the challenge of going to a gig from the new neighbourhood and returning to said neighbourhood with beer in me and not get arrested.  Fucking doddle.  Norwegian punks and Origami Wolf. Delighted that Rory now has a teen fanclub entity on the go in the Origami Kids – awesome.  Its like his S Club Juniors.

So, Honningbarna.  Norwegian punks with a cello.  Proper noiseniks.  Magic.  Now I only saw 2 songs at soundcheck so any photos I got are nothing like representative of the hi-octane show they no doubt battered the Mad Hatters audience with later on.  Like I said, this was a public transport experiment – the music was secondary.  To be honest I saw so little of the band that I feel underqualified to make any comment at all so I shall now shut the fuck up.

Head over here and see if Netsounds are any more eloquent about the actual gig.  Thanks to the lovely chaps and lady from Honningbarna for allowing me to hang about during their soundcheck and once again apologies for not hanging around for the main event – a month of nightshifts will do that to a guy 🙂


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