What the deuce have you been up to lately. Yes YOU !! (WTF part 4….)

This will be one of the last for the time being in this insightful and incisively intimate series of documentative posts where I’ve been a right lazy bastard and let you musical lot do all the work and to those that replied – I thank you.  To those that didn’t – bollocks to you / sorry I forgot to email you (delete where appropriate).  Next time I do this I shall keep an actual list of who I send the burning question to as I’m pretty bloody sure now I think about it that I missed out plenty that I should have mailed and for that I apolomagise – next time.  Billy Morrison doesn’t have email yet so I will do an in-depth face-to-face if I can ever manage to track him down……….where o where would one find the elusive William John……….:)

Right – on with the show. Space: The final furlong.  To baldly go where no horse has trodden before etc etc.  This time we also have some of the local management/Svengali/booker types (no T or MG’s though) as well as some of our finest local musicians.

Mr Andrew ‘I sing and stuff for The Galipaygos‘ Still, What the fuck are you up to now…..?

Hello Sir

The (mighty Gals) are gearing up for there last commitment of the year (The Market Bar 1st December). The new album ‘Win You Over’ will be available from Monday 12th November (in physical cd format) having already been positively unleashed on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

2013 marks our 10th birthday and it hoped that the year will littered (no stained) with celebratory gigs/ festival appearance, party games and jelly’n’ice-cream – check the website for details. Since 2003 we have released 6 albums – there is even talk of a greatest hits’ album (just to really piss people off – and yes ‘The Hands’ might just scrape onto the second (‘bonus’ disc). It’s been a grand old decade and founding members Steve Sinclair and Andrew Still have been joined on our journey by many of the Highlands finest musicians (and Richard Bills!!!! :0)

….and then it’ll be on with the next album (the difficult 7th) – the intention being a more electric/ grungy set. There have been early discussions amount recruiting a new drummer.

Most folk don’t like the dark nights but if you are a musician – it’s the perfect time to stay indoors, get the wine out and then get snowbound in the studio.

….right back to work!”

Matt ‘I’m not naked but I am strange’ Stockl of Naked Strangers, what the fuck are you and the Naked Strangers up to now as far as nudity, strangeness and all that go, EH ??

Hi Houdi, thanks for getting in touch.

What the fuck are we up to? Good question.

The Strangers are taking a bit of time off from our sporadic gigging schedule to commune with nature, get drunk in parks, and work on new material over the winter. It’s time to bed down, get cozy and write some music round the bar heater down at the ol’ farmyard. We have a few dates booked in December, one (1st of december) at the 13th Note in Glasgow with pals ,It Girl, as part of a night put on by weegie label Flowers In The Dustbin, and possibly more up this neck of the woods.

I’m using the time as well to work on solo material and gigs. Tonight I’m off down to play a set at Maggie Mays in Glasgow. Here’s a couple of links to my woefully lo-fi productions.”


Paul “The Pel” Elliot What the flipping fuck are you up to now ??

“Yo. Apologies for the delay dude, unfortunately not much to tell at the  moment – Megan is working on her next EP and has a few decent gigs over the next few months. Outsiders have had a great year this year and are turning attention to writing and hopefully recording a bunch of new material.  Beer sometime would be cool 🙂:-)

El Pel x”

Hey you, matchstick making Duncan Overmeer, what the fuck are you up to now ?  (apart from getting two features on here in  the space of a week….)

Thank fuck you asked! I’m just putting finishing touches to an album that should be coming out in the springtime, possibly called ‘Rumour Mill‘ (but I might change my mind on that). I took a full band into the studio and recorded it all live with them so it’s all pretty exciting, I’m really looking forward to folks hearing it. Also planning a tour in the new year, so trying to book lots of gigs for then.

With the album taking a while to organise & finish off, I’ve recently developed an alter ego in the form of Matchstick Maker and released a short EP as a free download. I’ve found that project really inspiring & I’m planning to focus on it a lot more once my album’s done, so keep an ear to the ground for that. Some potential collaborations have recently emerged too so I’ve also been playing about with a few other musical experiments which may or may not see the light of day…

And if you want the very latest, up-to-the-minute, right-fucking-now, breaking news…. literally in the last hour (this came in at 3am 7-11-12), I finally put together a wee video for one of the tracks on my ‘five songs EP’ from last year. 

Besides all that, mostly sleeping.

Steve “The Booker Who’s a Looker” Robertson, what the holy heck are you fucking about at now ?

“Here is an attempt of a brief look at the many things I am attempting to do right now!
Ironworks – looking to firm up bookings for the first part of 2013 over the next couple of weeks, in the meantime I am really delighted about Crookers, Devlin, Chris Ramsay, Bellowhead, Glasvegas , One Night of Queen, Frank Turner and recently announced Felix Da Housecat coming to the venue before Xmas.
Winter Showcase will also back on Dec 28th and 29th more news on that soon!
Hoots – really enjoyed the last couple of weeks at Hoots with impressive sets from The Winter Tradition, Dingus Khan, Beware Wolf and Chris Devotion & The Expectations.  I am not trying to big myself up on booking those acts I just genuinely enjoyed them as a music fan!   Have to say I am really happy with how the Netsounds Takeover nights are going big thanks to Murray Cameron and his apprentice Jamie.  Looking forward, I am excited about shows booked in with Rolan Bolan, The Imagineers, Earls of Caithness (new band from James Brown is Annie – see our previous posting), Two Stripe, the return of the  Church Street Hip Hop night plus a singer/songwriter festival called SING! set for Jan 14th – 18th and as always we have some of the best names in Scottish trad performing at Hoots.
Belladrum – its early days for this but I’ve been working on a potential list of acts for Jock The Reaper as next year the stage will feature elements of world music as well as Celtic crossover acts.
The Mallard, Dingwall / Poachers Inn, Drumnadrochit – giving their respective bar managers a hand to get these places on the map, any musicians interested should email info@2010management.co.uk
KOBI – we had a few weeks off which was spent getting a track we recorded with Calum & Nick from CMPS mixed by Steve Orchard in London, this track will be announced in Jan with a release in March.  In meantime it’s back into rehearsals for a show at The Tunnels in Aberdeen on Nov 9th and a support with Glasvegas at Ironworks which we are delighted to be asked to play, this will be our last gig of the year so would love for people to come along and check out the show.
Toby Michaels Rolling Damned – when we aren’t busy ruling the social networks with an iron fist we’ve been spending our time getting things together for next year. (Im still personally reeling from being fisted by Mr Micheals himself – houdi)  All going to plan we will team up with 3 other rock bands from across the country for a 4 day jaunt across Scotland in March after that we will release a single, digital comic and online movie preview for Rolling Damned The Movie in May next year.
Them & Us – we are working towards their EP release on December 6th at Ironworks.  Really enjoying co-managing these guys with Jamie from Netsounds and the new EP sounds awesome!
When I’m not doing that I like checking out the digg app, reading comics, watching wrestling and I’m currently enjoying the following TV shows Arrow, Dragons Den, Treme, Red Dwarf X and Young Apprentice.”

Fuck, and indeed, me !!  Talk about busy man !!

Peter Narojczyk the supremely talented blues harperisteroonie from Gerry Jablonski & the Electric Band, what in the hell are you lot up to now ?

We are just about to play Carlisle Blues festival next friday and then away to tour Poland for next two weeks.
Next year we will be as usual playing festivals in the UK and will tour Holland, Poland and Germany once again.
There is also plans for 3rd album but we haven’t agreed on the recording date yet.

Bruce MacGregor you Blazin Fiddler you, What the blazes are you up to now….?

Haha! In London town at the moment on a trio tour….taking me from there to Gartly to Glasgow to Mull to Lochgoilhead! Great to play music in a smaller trio setting though – bit more room for musical conversation! 
Winter season will see me and the boss (Yvonne Murray) working on plans for Northern Roots Events trio of festivals – Inverness Whisky Festival, Brew at the Bog and Northern Roots Festival. Very exciting developments in the pipeline!

Kris ‘I do the singing with The WRB‘ Douglas, what the fuck you talking bout Willis ?

Well Ulrich this is what The Whisky’s have been up too as I’m sure the escape from yak milking and throat singing is a rarity so here goes.
We have been having a bit of down time getting our shit together writing for our second album which we hope to start in January with Mr Strathsound himself John Strachan. Also we are rehearsing for our Hogmanay shows ( 2 in 1 night ) we are dubbing The Whisky’s takeover #32 and 1/8th 😉;) other than that not a lot. Personally I’ve been hanging out with mini ghostbusters, strongmen and Dalmatians amongst other scary little people and setting fire to the most spectacular giant sparklers. Ulrich I hope this fulfils some kind of void in your hectic life. Love to the family
Kris ( The Whiskys ) x

ps Also apologies to your other subscribers as I do not speak canine or budgie:)

Mr Anthony “not sitting but” Standing if I may ask in the funkiest way possible, what the actual funk are you and your funky crew The Leonard Jones Potential up to now…..?

Cheers man. 

What are we up to right now?

Well the band is getting prepared for our first live outing for 3 months. We’ll be taking to the stage on Saturday night at the Ironworks with another cracking Scottish funk outfit Federation of the Disco Pimp. This will be our first live appearance since last years highlight – the Carl Cox party in Brighton. We were on top form that night and we aim to continue our hot streak on Saturday. 

Of course Michelle is back fronting the band and she will be debuting another brand spanking song ‘Whirlwind’. The Motown inspired groove will set dance floors alight we’re sure. It’s great to be showcasing it in Inverness. The set will also include a few other recently penned songs including The LJP Theme in all it’s wah wah glory. 

Andy Pearce, affectionately known as the Minister of Sunshine will be adding more rhythm to our live sound as he brings an array of percussion to the party. This will be his first appearance with the band at Ironworks. 

Away from the live scene the band have been writing and practising new material. Songs that mark a more focused move into pop soul crossover. We are busy getting some stuff recorded and hope to offer a decent bit of product to fans soon. Remixes, alternative versions of new and old LJP classics. Watch the space for videos as well. Yes we’re looking to get really productive and planning for a full and busy 2013. 

Away from the band, Ant and Meesh are going out as an acoustic duo and you’ll get chance to hear their eclectic mix in Inverness soon – Hoots 14 Dec. 

They’re sound is a bit folky, loungey, jazzy and of course soulful. A mix of new songs and interesting covers done in an individual style ranging from classics such as ‘love will tear us apart’ to ‘there is a light that never goes out’ by the Smiths right to some unheard of fringe LJP numbers. To top it off there will also be some brand spanking new tunes. Possibilities are endless. Again recording is on the cards. 


Just incase youre wondering what this is all about here is the original email I sent out………

As I’m about to start a long month of lonely night shifts at work soI thought I’d give myself something to do.

This entails me posing the question……

What the Fuck are you up to now?

Be as brief, longwinded, truthful, fibful or just plain wierd as you like. Tell me where you are right now musically and what we can expect from you over the next few (festive) months.   I’ll try and cobble a blog post or two together from it and if I can’t at least I’ll have some (hopefully) interesting reading for nights.  As always its a nice excuse for me to rake through the photo archives and brighten the lives of my subscribers – 3 dogs, a budgie and an Outer Mongolian farmhand called Ulrich.

So..  .

What the Fuck are you up to now?




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