WtF are you up to now….? #3

Yes Yes y’all it’s that time again y’all.  Time to ask that burning, eternal flamey kinda burny question.  The kind of nasty burn that hurts when you pee and makes your knees hurt when you bend them slightly, not a lot, just slightly.  ASK ASK ASK ASK …….

Oi !! What the Fuck are you up to now?

Peter Mackenzie, guitarist with Dundee band, Vladimir, What the Fuck are you up to now?

we are still in the process of taking over the world. that is all. bear with us. amen.

Vladimir october 2012

Gavin Sutherland, singer songwriter responsible for being one of the Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, my old neighbour and the bloke that got me playing a jar of rice…… What the Fuck are you up to now?
“ACHTUNG, BLOG INFO ALERT! Eating curries (Nazma, Banff) and kebabs (Pitta’s de Turra). Drinking vin ordinaire. Working on new album. Preparing The Random Record Show’s Christmas Spectacular (for Fabulous Random Radio) and sending loads of love and good vibrations to Team Houdi. Cheers ma loon!”

Barry Gordon – we like a lefty

Barry Gordon, ex James Brown is Annie, now Chief Earl or Earl in Chief of the Earls of Caithness, chiefly.  Awrite Chief ?  What the Fuck are you up to now?

“Well, I’m in the midst of putting JBiA into hibernation – rebranding in the New Year under the name, Earls Of Caithness. I’m about to move into Thurso Castle’s Gatehouse Lodge, and as someone who knows a fair bit about Caithness history – especially the St. Clair bloodline timeline – the EoC name really appealed to me.

The last 18 months, however, marked a fun, yet ultimately disappointing period in the band’s history. We supported Average White Band at the ABC in Glasgow, a band who have been a big influence on us, as well as myself, since year dot. We were invited to perform in front of 80,000 people at the Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party (alongside Kassidy and The Vaccines), then we returned to the ABC to open for the Robert Cray Band, as well as a memorable gig with New Zealand funk-reggae legends, The Black Seeds, at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh. Sadly, we never capitalised on any of these opportunities and we soon drifted into the ether. Such events should have acted as a springboard to better things, but there was simply no motivation, no drive, no cohesion within the band, collectively, to push it on. A shame.

However, in view of my return to Caithness – I’m launching a new arts company business with my partner, Lorna, in the New Year, called Caithness Castle Creations – and given that a lot of former JBiA members come from there, figured I’d re-name the band, give it some renewed focus, and try to fulfil the potential that’s always been there. Caithness’ National Funk Band, if you will.

Alan Gorrie of Average White Band has been a big help to me, so I decided to adjust the line-up in a similar way to AWB; leading with two saxes. Alan said he’d have us open for them again next year, and Luke George – son of Little Feat’s Lowell George, and who the large, loyal Feat fans want to hear from – has agreed to put his vocals down on one of our new songs. So things are looking good. We’ve also got a gig supporting The Spin Doctors at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh in late January, then, after what seems like years, we’ll be coming to Hootanannys in Inverness in mid-February.

There’s a real willingness within the new line-up, and if all bodes well, the Earls (and Duchesses) will hopefully go on to represent Caithness in the funk stakes for a good while to come”.


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