WtF are you up to now? #2

Heres number two (snigger – I know – I can’t surely still find that funny…..surely) in the WTF Are You Up to Now? series

The Triangle Player didnt last longer than this gig………

For this special one I was invited out to Hasbeen Island just off the coast of Shiney where my wee pal Sara filled me in on whats been happening, is happening and going to be happening with her and her folky-punky, happy-go-lucky beat combo The Hasbeens.   So without further ado, as I sit sipping cocktails with Sara on Hasbeen Beach and watch Dickie surfing, Colin strumming his hawaiian ukelele and young Simon being, well, just Simon, I shall ask the question……….

Sara Bills (her out of Sara Bills & the HasbeensWhat the Fuck are you up to now?

About to embark on another session at Strathsound Studio, intending to play a few gigs between now and January to raise funds to get in the studio before Spring.  We will be approaching this set of recordings with the same methods used on our Spill The Beans EP but the tracks are gonna be much closer to our punk roots, there will obviously still be a large folk element to our new set, but punters can expect a much bouncier, grittier, and energetic sound.  A couple of the songs will be known to many of the Hasbeens loyal gig followers:  songs such as Dingwall State, My Boy and the more recently gigged That’s That (written about falling pregnant and unexpectedly finding myself job-less – a stressful but enjoyable & liberating experience!).  And some wholly new tracks that the band has previously had little time to get together and give life too.  One of the very few downfalls to being a largely working band, when many of the members are busy with other musical and family pursuits, we only ever really get together to actually play a gig – rough and ready baby! 
Actually itching like we’ve got worms to get back into the studio, breathe some more life into our songs, ready to let rip on next spring and hopefully another successful festival season will follow.  This year we only managed to hit Belladrum festival and Jocktoberfest, for the simple reason that the first months of the season I was heavily pregnant and giving birth when all the other crazy cats were hitting Rockness.  But got straight back into gigging spirit once I’d stopped walking like John Wayne, having our first gig when Austin was 3 weeks old alongside some great pals of ours at the Alzheimer Scotland Charity gig in the Raigmore Motel, organised by Michelle Newell.  Would have always appreciated the opportunity to play more gigs throughout the summer, but have found that the short spell I spent off the scene, March to June, may have resulted in just not getting a shout out for stuff coming up, or not being quick enough off the mark to get ourselves involved.

Colin and Sara en route to Hasbeen Island on the Shineylark (actually busking at Bella but lets keep the fantasy alive)

For 2013 the idea of coming out with a fresh recording and a whole lot of drive to be hassling organisers and banging on the doors of events such as the Knoydart Festival, Insider and maybe even head back West for some more Lochinver craic and Ullapool, is enough to make the dark winter months of hauling your ass away from your baby in a fecking blizzard to hit the local pubs full of Christmas night out, part-time drinkers all worthwhile!   Ultimately we cant wait to hit our pals with the songs that they have been enjoying the most and give them a wee something fresh back in time for next summer as a thank you for all of their ongoing party spirit and commitment to the shiny-as-fuck Inverness music scene and the Hasbeens.”
New tunes, new gigs, loads going on – canna fucking wait.  Cheers Ms Bills – always a pleasure !!  (No word if Im getting a recall as triangleist though…….thats a worry….)

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