Hatters takes the Trad upstairs

So that’s me then, a day of packing up the house for the big move next week. Dishes in boxes, old dressing gowns to the recycling bins up the Co-op.  Pick up Babydontblog from nursery and Mrs DB from work.  Home – settled – food.  Nice…….

RING RING………..RING RING…………..(I say RING – it’s actually the Charlie and Lola theme)…..Who the fuck is this ?  It better be good.  Oh shite – the caller ID displays Matt Bellamy.  Surely not ?  On a Wednesday ?  I only ever hear from this one if he needs money or a lift to a gig.  I, like a mug, answer it………”We’re playing Glasgow tonight and need you to help out as our mechanical pyramid operator has broken a metatarsal” or some shite.  Bloody hell Matthew  !!  I’m on it I tell him. They organise a flight from Dalcross for me and I book a taxi – bloody Muse – piss ups, brewerys etc etc.  Mrs houd looks over, raises an eyebrow and reminds me that The Winter Tradition are playing in Mad Hatters tonight !!!

What ?!!?!!?

Dilemma ?????  Youre not wrong !!

Matt, old son, apologies but you and you’re wanky Queen-based pomp rock stylings will have to excuse me this evening as we have a proper band from the country of Scotland playing up here in the Highlands so, basically, you’re oot the windae, gimme a shout when youre ready to make another Origin of Symmetry and well talk then, eh.  Kisses”  – it was a voicemail – he was probably doing vocal exercises or some other wank.  TO THE HOUDMOBILE !!!

The Winter Tradition

Ok I walked.  Here comes the really wanky bit though – instead of ipod I’m using phonepod or something or other – music on ma phone.  Just as I’m walking into Hoots – I kid you not – on comes the very album that these talented chaps, The Winter Tradition, are touring to promote.  Uncanny eh !!

Now young Stuart of the Nelson has already fired up the acoustic and is playing nice tunes and having nice banter with the audience when I slope in, late, sorry.  Hes a very talented wee fella is Mr Nelson and I don’t see enough of him or the band he fronts, He Slept on 57.  I shall attempt to remedy that over the coming months cos they’re bloody good !  So, a digital setlist (on his phone rather than on the traditional sheet of A4) went down well and included a HSo57 cast off but no Phil Collins tribute (you had to be there – where the fuck were you? No Hue & Cry excuses tonight……..)

Stuart Nelson

The Winter Tradition next – pyrotechnics, smoke, lasers and massive fucking spaceships were not necessary.  All that shit was in Glasgow with Mr Bellamy and his cohorts.  Tonight in Mad Hatters we were treated to a set of good, honest rock n roll with no frills.  Not that the audience wont have got that with Muse its just that we could see The Winter Tradition without the aid of binoculars or masseeeeeeev video screens !!  I hadn’t seen these guys since 2010 when they were the Void.  Missed them at goNORTH earlier this year so was really keen to see how the new album tracks sounded live (and really hoped Id get Game of Ghosts – I did – its was brilliant – I danced a little – happy houdi).

The set list was (and this is from memory –  I pride myself on knowing these things and would never, ever ask the band for a copy of their set at the end of the night like I did with Purple Divide a few months ago.  Ok I did), right – the set list was Gradients, San Diego, From Afar, Game of Ghosts, Frame, Send the Waves, Tides & Telegrams, Firelight and Nightscape.  They sounded brilliant and received a damned fine reaction from a smallish audience – it was Wednesday after all.  Genuinely nice guys too – they put up with me talking shite at them (not to them just at them in general).

Anyway – enough drivel from me here’s where you need to go to find out more and hear things from all the acts mentioned above apart from Muse – they don’t need any help from me nor would they get it.

THE WINTER TRADITION          HE SLEPT ON 57           PURPLE DIVIDE (they did get mentioned – its only fair)

The Winter Tradition are back up this neck of the woods at Invergordon Arts Centre on 3rd November supported by Purple Divide and the brilliantly named Silence to Medicate.  Definitely worth a look !!


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